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What are shares?

BREAKING DOWN 'Share Of Wallet (SOW)'

❶For instance, buying your groceries at a supermarketmakes you a customer.

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Customer Share vs. Market Share
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Now, work on the weak areas to raise the level of satisfaction of the customers. For example, if your customers are not satisfied with your after sales delivery, make efforts to improve upon it and so on. Also, maintain the areas that customers are most satisfied with and avoid being complacent.

Maintaining a decent level of communication with your customers and keeping them engaged in your activities is also a good way to increase the wallet share, indirectly. The more the customers are involved with a brand, the more will they be inclined to buy from it as compared to others. There are many ways to engage the customers and keep them interested and curious as to what you are going to offer to them.

The following are some ways you can follow to do so:. It is very important to improve your rank in the mind of the customer in order to improve revenue earned and increase the wallet share of the customers in your favor. As we have found out earlier, being on the 1st rank is a lot better than being on the 2nd rank. Thus, even the slight difference in ranks can play a significant role in the wallet allocation rule and thereby the wallet share since both are correlated.

Yes, it takes the time to climb into the first position but besides time, it takes efforts as well. Again, to improve your rank, you can follow several strategies and method such as:. E-mail is already registered on the site.

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It often leads to expending more time, effort, and money to grow your business than necessary. Think about a group of people who know, like, and trust your business and products.

Someone who is aware of your business and knows about you. Someone who likes your business and products. And someone who trusts that you can help them with what they need. Yet, when it comes to existing customers, many business owners and managers become complacent. They fall into the trap of assuming that existing customers will come and buy from the business when they next need what the business sells. The truth is, however, that every business has at least one additional product or service they could sell to existing customers.

And usually they have several additional products or services they could sell. And that means they miss out on a huge amount of potential growth and profit. If you are guilty of focusing more effort on getting new customers than selling to your existing customers, rise up to the following challenge. Pledge that, starting today, for one month, you will stop thinking about market share. Instead start thinking about customer share. Think of the products or services that your customers need and are buying from other businesses right now that are related to your products and services.

Identify the ones from that list that they could buy from you — if you offered them to your existing customers. Some of these related products and services you can offer and deliver yourself. Those are the ones that hold the most potential to dramatically grow your revenue and even more importantly — your profit and cash flow.

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What is 'Share Of Wallet (SOW)'

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Mar 31,  · Share of customer refers to the percentage of an individual customer’s purchase of a product that is a single brand.

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Share of customer is the percentage of customers that buy a company's product of all customers purchasing in that product category.

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A Corollary of Customer Share: Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Amazon is a good example of a business that focuses on customer lifetime value, it does it by increasing its share of customer. The customers who subscribe to Amazon Prime love it. A share of wallet (SOW), also known as wallet share, is a marketing tool used to calculate how much of a customer's cost for a product or service goes to a specific company.

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Share of wallet is commonly used in the finance and banking sectors to describe share-of-customer. Increasing share-of-customer is a key consideration increasing customer lifetime value. The reason is that retaining and growing customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers. Customer Share vs. Market Share. If you are guilty of focusing more effort on getting new customers than selling to your existing customers, rise up to the following challenge.