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Nelson mandela Outline


❶Nelson Mandela had a rough childhood.

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His childhood and young adulthood was important. It was important because He was able to go to school for longer that an average black South African child. Love was important because he was in love with a girl named Evelyn, they struggles looking for a home in Johannesburg, it was difficult because there were not many decent houses for black South Africans.

He also got married with a girl names Winnie. She visited him while nelson Mandela was in prison. The ANC was also important. The ANC was important because he was a co-founder of the ANC it was important because the organization was formed for what nelson Mandela believed in and knew what was right. The ANC stands for African national congress. Although he had great events in his life he also had many challenges in his life. While fighting for rights he had a son and later he dies from an accident.

He had lots of terrible events. Nelson Mandela had much accomplishment also. While he was in prison he helped change the food in prison. He also changes the apartheid laws in South Africa and he got marries and had kids. Nelson had many accomplishments in his life.

Nelson Mandela was a great person and had many ups and downs. But I think he had much more ups than downs. Nelson Mandela was a great man.

Why did Mandela go to jail for so long. This easy is about Nelson Mandela. Is so important because he was a leader of South Africa. Many Important events that Mandela had. Nelson Mandela childhood Nelson Mandela lived in a house that was barred by grass covered hills he was the youngest out of four children. Nelson Mandela political problems. Many challenges that Mandela faced. Mandela lost his dad. Nelson Mandela lost his had when he was nine years old and they moved him to a different tribe.

Mandela goes to prison. Mandela went to prison for three decades and when he got out people could hardly recognize him. Laws meant blacks and non-whites had to give up on many hopes and dreams. Mandela had many accomplishments when he was released from prison. Given his vigor an still immense popularity Mandela could have chosen to remain in power for another term.

How do you feel if you were in prison for 27 years? How could a person in jail change his country? Nelson Mandela was born in July 18, in a small village call Mvezo. He also learned to play stick-fight and knowledge of any rural Africa boy. When he was nine his father died and he had to live with his uncle in Thembu. His uncle provided him good education. In the ANC was founded. He has a strong belief about ability of human.

He fought for right for himself and to his people. In , he arrived to Robben Island is where no boats allow. When he was in prison he exercised, read, and studies. They only allowed 30 minutes for one visitor a year. Also, one letter received every six months. He also took place on a leadership and became a master because he respect to everyone. He went in jail for 1, days and 71 years old. However, he in prison he still tried to save his people and try to meet with the white to let black to free.

When he was in jail his wife Winnie was an activist to people on the outside. Nelson Mandela still stands for against the apartheid. When he was in prison they pick up 4 pound hammer to 14 pound for large stone. They crush stone on the hot sun. Also, bucket for his toilet and does hard labor quarry. His son Thembi been killed by motorcar accident and Nelson Mandela asked for permission to attend his son funeral.

However, the permission was denied. Nelson Mandela accomplishment is to fix the country in South Africa for a better country. Also, his goal is to be a good leader to show all his people. And the other hand, he also achieve some of his goal. Nelson Mandela is important he help his people by not letting whites to control black. He does all the way to help them and he made everyone happy to be free. He also respects everyone and his wife Winnie they separate. He release from prison and he still meet with the white people.

He also use non-violent from protest alternative. He made himself become a heroic leader to hold the country of South Africa together. Nelson father died when he was 9 year old. Now Nelson Mandela lives with his uncle and stayed with his uncle until he was 18 years old.

He spent 27 years in Robben Island and had a 7 by 7 cell. After Mandela stopped apartheid and became president he retired to spend time with his family.

From a criminal to a white racist government to becoming the president to that same government and being a great influence on African Lives. He was a man of great patients and generosity and because of that he was able to end apartheid. Nelson was born on July 18, in a village called Mvezo. His birth name was Rolihlahla which meant one who brings trouble to himself. When Nelson was 9 his father had died and he was sent to live with his uncle who was the king of his people.

With his uncle he was provided a proper education. He later ran always from home to Johannesburg after finding out that he was to get married. It was here that he graduated from college and became a lawyer with his friend Walter Sisulu.

They both opened a law firm for the black South Africans together. He also attended ANC meetings in Johannesburg. After going to a few ANC meetings Nelson joined the organization to stop apartheid.

Many members from the ANC including Mandela committed crimes against the laws. These crimes included sabotage, protesting, moving to areas without a passbook, and etc. Imprisonment was a punishment to those who committed crimes against the apartheid laws this also meant life in prison. Nelson and other members of the ANC were punished this way with life in prison. They were sent to Robbin Island. During his time in prison Nelson earned better treatment to him and other prisoners.

Although he was able to achieve this Nelson was still isolated 17 years of his 27 years in prison. He was allowed to receive 1 visitor a year and 1 letter every 6 months. Even though Nelson was in prison he still had many people who supported him. His goal to end apartheid had not ended.

Nelson met with the 2 presidents of South Africa in secret while in prison, P. Botha and De Clerk. He tried to negotiate with Botha who was with apartheid laws and saw Nelson no mare than a pest who was to be eliminated. His presidency ended and De Clerk became president. De Clerk was willing to cooperate with Mandela in order to end apartheid. In Nelson was elected President and officially ended apartheid. Nelson Mandela had many accomplishments. He became president of South Africa and ended apartheid.

He also was able to get the person in charge of the prison he was in Kicked out. He graduated college and became lawyer too. In conclusion even though he was in prison for 27 years he came out hopeful and still strong. He ended apartheid and lived a life full of ups and downs but he never gave up in the end. He was a great man and still is. You would feel Mistreated right? In this essay I will tell you about man, who had made a big change in South Africa, and who fought for human rights to end the Apartheid.

He had a difficult childhood, He was born in a small village of Mvezo in South Africa on July 18, Mandela was raise by a family of wealth and royalty, not long when Mandela was the age of nine his father died because of having tuberculosis. Before he died, he was depending on Mandela uncle to make sure he provides Mandela a good education for his future. When he was a teen adult, he wanted to complete University to get BA in Johannesburg to represent and hope for a stand against the Apartheid.

In Mandela met two lovely ladies in his love life, he first met Evelyn but not long Mandela and Evelyn divorce. His second wife he met her working at a hospital in the black township of Soweto in , her name is Winne Madikizela, they soon married in June Nelson marriage to Winnie however, proved to be sustaining force in his long, hard struggle against the apartheid system.

In Mandela life he also faces many challenges in his life, he heard of his son had this terrible disease causing him of his death; it was AIDS that has killed his son.

Mandela accomplish many things in his life after the Apartheid law no longer used he was give a Nobel peace prize in , where he was notice for his peaceful nonviolent action. He was also the first democratically elected president in South Africa and became president in , after apartheid was banned. He later gave up his position to Mr. The Apartheid ended with the speech from the President De Klerk in , Mandela was released from prison. Great hopes where within Nelson and it come true, to the Freedom to join others and the freedom for human rights, the freedom to do what they want to do, Thank you Mandela.

Who is Nelson Mandela? Some of the most important events are: He married Winnie but that happy moment in his life was not to last because later that same month he was arrested. He was found guilty on all charges, and sentenced to life in prison. He was then transferred to Robben Island, where he spent 18 years Mandela, As political prisoners, he and his co-accused were kept away from the general population. They lived in damp, 8-foot by 7-foot cells and slept on straw mats Smith, During the day, Mandela broke rocks and also worked in a lime quarry.

Mandela was not released until February of , although he was transferred to different prisons several times and his living conditions did improve somewhat Smith, When Mandela was released, the political party to which he belonged was also made legal, along with any other political parties that had formerly been banned Meredith, This began the end of apartheid.

He ran as a member of the ANC, on a platform of development and reconstruction for the country Smith, Mandela was not a good public speaker, but he had developed a strong following because of his beliefs about equality Smith, The ANC party promised to extend electricity and water to places that did not have it, provide free universal education, and build one million houses in five years Smith, There was some violence during the elections, but not as much as was expected, given the upheaval that had taken place in the country's political system over the past few decades.

Still, car bombs killed 20 people during the election period Sampson, During his presidency, Mandela was often isolated and left feeling lonely Mandela, He was critical of the media in his country, but did befriend journalists as well as rich businessmen Sampson, He also divorced his first wife, and began a relationship with a woman he had met through his political activism.

Mandela's presidency marked a transition for South Africa. The country moved from apartheid to democracy, with Mandela working to help ensure that both black and white residents of the country felt protected and included Meredith, He considered this to be the most important part of his work as president. Domestic programs were also improved under Mandela's leadership. More people received medical care, education, and basic sanitation, all of which were vital in allowing the country to move forward Sampson, The two biggest problems with the Mandela presidency were the AIDS epidemic and the greed and corruption seen in the government Sampson, These issues plagued Mandela throughout his time in office.

Mandela did not leave the public eye when his presidency ended. He was still very committed to working on causes that had mattered to him for a number of years. He formally retired from running the country on the 29th of March, , when he gave his farewell speech Meredith, His original plan was to live a quiet life with family, but he soon became frustrated with the seclusion. That led him to meet with world leaders and work with a foundation he had started years before Sampson, He also became vocal about Western power and started to openly criticize both the US and the UK, especially for the war in Iraq Smith, By , Mandela was 85 and his health was starting to fail him.

He stopped most of his public appearances, and interview requests were usually denied Smith, In , when he turned 90, he did make a public appearance and gave a speech that called for the rich people throughout the world to help those who were in need Sampson, In February of , Mandela was admitted to the hospital with a respiratory infection, and then was admitted again in December of for removal of a gallstone as well as another lung infection. Early March of found in back in the hospital for lung problems, and he was re-hospitalized in June of that same year.

As of July 11, , he remained in the hospital, in critical but stable condition. Rumors that Mandela was in a vegetative state were deemed untrue, but his condition showed little improvement during his hospital stay. Nelson Mandela passed away on December 5, , at the age of 95 Karimi, A specific cause of death was not given at the time, and the death was announced by South African president Jacob Zuma Karimi, At the time of his passing, it was reported that Mandela was at home, surrounded by his friends and family members Karimi, He had a long life, filled with both triumph and tragedy, and it ended on a peaceful note.

That is more than many people get the opportunity for. The death of Nelson Mandela was somewhat unexpected by those who were not close to him, however, because he had not been in the news recently with other health conditions. He was not in the hospital, and had not had medical emergencies, illnesses, operations, or significant procedures recently that were reported or that the public was made aware of.

It is quite possible that further information will become available at a later date regarding the specifics of his death. The media always desires to know more details of an event, and that is especially true of something as significant of the loss of a man who many considered to be one of the greatest men of this time period.

Many felt that Mandela was the father of modern-day South Africa, and that the country would be much different without his influence Karimi, He was an icon of the anti-apartheid movement and a man who was truly passionate about the causes in which he believed. If for no other reasons than those, he has left a lasting legacy and will be remembered by the people of his country and the people of the world for the changes he enacted. Personal Thoughts C2 C2 This is the only place in the paper where it is acceptable to say "I think" and provide an opinion, instead of just factual information.

Sections where personal opinion is sought do not need references, although it is possible to cite references to back up facts or claims. Nelson Mandela appears to be both a hero and a criminal. When he first started into activism, he probably never saw his life developing the way it did. Even being imprisoned for a long time did not stop him from focusing on the things that mattered to him. Nelson Mandela definitely did not belong to their casta.

He was the one who made the difference in the life of others, country and his nation. Nelson Mandela was born in Transkei South Africa , his father was the leader of the tribe. Mandela graduated from university and got a Law degree. In , he joined the African National Congress ANC and worked actively to put an end to the policy of apartheid, conducted by the ruling National Party.

Mandela believed that he fought against white and black supremacy. His ideal was a democratic and free society where all people lived together in harmony and with equal opportunities. He lived for the sake of these ides and was ready to die to embody them.

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Nelson Mandela’s Early Life Rolihlahla Mandela was born on July 18, in Transkei, South Africa (Cold War Museum, ), and was given the name “Nelson” by his teacher. He changed the history of South Africa and brought democracy to his nation.

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” -Nelson Mandela B. Present Topic: Nelson Mandela wasn’t Just any man, he was an inspiring man. Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa in , serving until A symbol of global peacemaking, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in [ ]. Nelson Mandela was born in Transkei (South Africa), his father was the leader of the tribe. Mandela graduated from university and got a Law degree. In , he joined the African National Congress (ANC) and worked actively to put an end to the policy of apartheid, conducted by the ruling National Party.

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Essay Outline/Plan Service; Dissertation Services; Dissertation Writing Service Nelson Mandela A Great Leader History Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd After that in , he joined the African National Congress, during World War II. Nelson Mandela formed a group with other members of the ANC under the leadership of a. Nelson Mandela was a famous person in the world's history. Read this article and find out how to craft an outline for a paper about this historic figure.