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Sociology major senior thesis?

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Keim , The English Lens: The Role of Acculturation Karly A. Moore , Risk and Resiliency: Find things in your local area for research 'hot spots'. Since this is your choice, I would suggest that you look into some sociology journal websites like: If you let someone else make your decision you will not be happy, these journals should give you some great ideas towards a thesis.

Some fields of sociology that are often overlooked are medical sociology, sociology of knowledge, sociology of religion, and my favorite systematic change. No discipline is more broad than Socio. But I fail to understand how civil war in less developed countries and US foreign policy would come under sociology pure and simpliciter.

Anyway, you can explore the possibiltiy why criminal propensity the tendency to commit crime is less pronounced in women than men. I am talking about the sociological reasons for low crime among the fairer sex. Do not go by statistics alone. Think of a narrow area in which there is lot of mateial and explore it in your Ph. This area has been explored time and again, by psychologists and criminologists but in vain.

You can divide the women folk sorry based on age, marital status, race, nationality, or on any other criteria you can think of and see whether, we men are more crime bound than women, or is it because women also commit equal, or more offences but it is less reported. This should make a good topic for socio-criminological inquiry into women criminality. I always thought when I heard public speakers like Jesse Jackson, etc. I recently took a job in an area that has a low caucasian population.

The items on the shelves are far inferior to what I was used to. I think it's definately an economic issue rather than a racial one, but I can see how it could be viewed the other way. I think that would be an interesting thesis - economic vs. I would write about The American Red Cross. According to the book "Bad Blood: You could also research turf battles between professions.

I am shocked by how the nursing profession ruthlessly battled physicians over autonomy for nurse practitioners. In the state of Washington a nurse practitioner can see patients without even a physician's supervision. By contrast a certified physician's assistant whose training and responsibilities are similar to a nurse practitioner cannot work without a physician's supervision. The nursing profession's latetst assault on physicians and physician assistants is a proposal to make the Doctor of Nursing mandatory for nurse practitioners.

This would devestate physician assistants because none of them have doctorates and confuse the public since many people associate the word doctor with physicians. Time and time again I have seen clinics where nurse practitioners charge as much as physicians. This is an outrage since physicians have more training.

I have a Master of Public Administration and long publication record. Your standard GPA is low for a aggressive grad college, yet they'll concentration extra on your important GPA, it is sturdy.

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Senior Thesis Topics Senior Thesis Topics. Additional Navigation. Study What You Love. Open Curriculum. Sociology. Theatre. Womens Studies. View All Close. Sarah Schuchardt, The Trial and the Hamilton College Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Policy.

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Senior Thesis Website The Sociology Senior Thesis Writers website contains resources to assist you with conducting research and writing your senior thesis in the Sociology department. Current thesis writers can find examples of prospectuses, statements of intent, etc.

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"A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Sociology" [PDF]. Senior Thesis in Sociology Senior Thesis While all students on the Sociology honors track are required to complete a senior thesis, every Sociology student is encouraged to write one.

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A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Sociology | page 1 Department of Sociology Faculty of Arts and Sciences Harvard University A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Sociology. Here are some tips for choosing a successful thesis topic: • Let your interests guide you. This project will consume much of your senior year, so pick a topic. Any senior major in the department may elect to do a Senior Thesis. The interested student should consult with his or her major advisor and/or the Department Chair concerning possible topics and faculty expertise in the department.