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Short Essay on Dowry System in India

Short Essay on Dowry System

❶Various Non-Governmental organizations are working for preventing this cruel crime of dowry system and have succeeded a little bit but still could not be able to completely remove it from our country.

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Long Essay on Dowry System

This was suited to the colonial interest as firstly, women were considered inferior to men in labor market participation and secondly, the exploitative cash-based economy made poor common men look up to dowry as the easiest way to accumulate necessary and surplus wealth by marriage of sons to a woman.

This ultimately translated into dowry turning into a mandatory price the bride pays for a man agreeing to marry her.

Which in turn tightened the patriarchal notion even more on the society in the modern days too. Demands of dowry getting legitimate status in British rule along with no parental inheritance for daughters meant that in-laws could demand as much as they wanted. Whenever demands for dowry was not met with, in-laws and husband could threat sending the girl back to her parents. Given societal shame and guilt associated with such married girls being sent back to parents, in most cases, women and her parents succumbed to each and every demand for dowry.

Essay on Meri Beti, Mera Abhimaan: One can also trace a geographic basis of the prevalence of dowry system because in Hinduism, especially in North India, the daughter was denied direct inheritance but allowed partial inheritance from father.

Thus dowry marked the end of obligation from the father to give the daughter the little he could. In south India, although daughters were usually wedded to nearby family often cross or distant cousins and she also had right over land which made dowry less common there. Religion-wise, Hindu texts as well as Islam spoke of dowry as a regular and common practice.

Tracing back to whatever custom that associated itself with the dowry, the gross effects of dowry system remains forever blemished. The consequences are in most cases dreadful. Every year, over cases are registered in metro cities alone over dowry practice. The groom, as well as the family in most cases, indulge in horrific crimes against the woman such mental and physical abuse, torture and even burning alive and pretending it as an accident.

From physical abuse to occasional starvation to mental trauma, the demand for more goods and more money from the bride is made a constant and usual affair.

Parents of son belonging to higher caste or higher economic strata often legitimize impossible demands to middle-class parents of girls. Reasons cited includes that a high fetching son in law does not come cheap and the girl should be feeling lucky that despite a middle-class background she will get high profile in-laws. The consequences of the social evil called dowry extend to a far-fetched result of female infanticide.

Given the practice of dowry is still a regular affair in Indian society and most people out of social taboo and fear of upper caste do not oppose it downright, the birth of a girl is seen as a fearful incident. Given most Indian families still consider women to run household only, so a girl is seen as a burden for whom the parents would need to pay dowry before she leaves their house. This results in an aggressive apathy for girl child being born and to female infanticide.

Section B of the Indian Penal Code states that if a woman dies under circumstances caused by a forcible demand of dowry, the people abetting it will be booked under dowry death.

The A section was invoked in wherein, any cruelty against the wife for dowry or otherwise, could lead to immediate imprisonment on reporting. Besides, there have been too many movements against dowry in India, that includes but is not limited to Shahada Movement of , protests by Progressive Organization Of Women in Hyderabad in , the famous agitation by Stree Sangharsh, a feminist group in Delhi, against the murder of Tarvinder Kaur by her mother in law.

Before anti-dowry movements by feminist organizations, a death of a newly married woman by burning was not even considered a public threat but a familial affair! Figures like Satya Rani Chadha and Shahjahan Apa both of whom who had lost their daughters in abetted dowry killing, continued their crusade against the dowry system, establishing shelters for women tortured for dowry.

It is badly influencing most of the parents who have given birth to a girl child. They have forgotten the pure and sacred feelings of wedding and just have made it as a business deal. According to the records in India, most of the incidents occur where bride is either burnt or committed suicide due to this cruel evil of dowry system. Various actions have been taken for ending this crucial problem in our country by the government and non-government organizations.

By government of India, an act has been declared to prohibit the give and take dowry directly or indirectly, enacted in year of Penalty for the party, whether they demand dowry directly or indirectly, is imprisonment of 6 to 24 months with the fine of not less than Rs.

Penalty for both parties, if they give or take dowry, whether at the time of marriage or before and after the marriage is imprisonment of minimum 5 years with fine of Rs. It is quite obvious that result of Dowry system has been always very bad for all and further it will be more dangerous. If we want our country to be a successful and developed country, then dowry system should be completely ended.

Masters in Computer Application and Business Administration. A passionate writer, writing content for many years and regularly writing for Teachingbanyan. I enjoy being busy all the time and respect a person who is disciplined and have respect for others. Login in to your account. Essay on Dowry System Essay. The reasons behind our illogical expenditure on marriages are obvious.

The long recognized traditions of wedding functions and obligations of giving jewelry, dowry has created a customary on which each family attempts to outshine more than it actually can. More often than not, this forces them to use more than the wealth they have. Pakistani girls have to own many qualities to get married — beauty, fair complexion, skinny figure, good upbringing, education and culinary skills.

But the trait that has become the most worrisome for women is dowry. In Pakistan, the existence of dowry becomes the generating power of other just as heinous crimes such as acid-burning, sexual violence and child marriage. Dowry is an ancient practice that survives and thrives in our society for various reasons. It is used as an excuse for denial of inheritance to women.

It is considered a good support mechanism to help the new couple so that they get a convenient start in practical life. But the primary reason being the fear of insolence from the in-laws.

There is no guarantee that your daughter will have a great marriage if she is given a heavy dowry. Many cases of bride burning due to dowry issues have been reported in Pakistan. During , the Lahore press reported an average of more than four local cases of women being burnt weekly, three of the four fatally. Police follow-up on these cases was negligible, with only six suspects taken into custody out of cases reported in Lahore newspapers during the year.

It remains a mystery for social science researchers as to why stoves burst in susrals marital homes only and why the victim is always a bahu daughter in law.

There have been people who have spoken up against this social menace. In September , a movement was launched to end the practice of dowry. In , the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK assembly unanimously passed a resolution demanding a ban on dowry. Interestingly, the members seemed unaware of the fact that a law constraining dowry is already in reality. These were challenged in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The petitioner cited a number of hadiths under religious Sharia laws to demonstrate that Islam encouraged walima and related customary practices.

Pakistan The Government of Mr. Nawaz Sharif in mids had introduced an ordinance banning grand wedding receptions an implicit upshot of dowry. However, it was enforced for short time only, but is now losing its spirit. Right now, commission of Law and Justice, has drafted a new law in connection with wedding expenses and dowry.

The consultation on the draft version is in progress. Many organisations like Bilquis Edhi, Sarim Burney Trust, Saylani Welfare and many other lesser known ones make available shelter to many orphan girls. As the girls mature, these institutions also try to find suitable matches for them and then get them married. Still, large sections of civil society are protesting against this malice. It launched a Silver Ribbon movement in , which was a five-year long programme.

Apart from this, the media has also emphasized dowry as a social evil. Poverty is the main causes behind dowry. People often take dowry to reduce their Poverty. Women are less independent then men. Dependence on husband and living on their income 12 Sense of Prestige Reasons for Dowry Increase Those who make a case for a stringent anti-dowry law on the ground that dowryamounts are rising exponentially forget that among many families in the dowrypracticing groups, standards of living have also risen dramatically.

Up to mygrandmothers time, dowry consisted of clothes for the bride, gold or silver jewelry,several sets of bedding, cows, buffaloes and bedsteads, cots or peedhas andperhaps a wooden closet. Some communities also gifted a portion of land — atradition still common in regions like Andhra. By the time of my motherswedding, sofa sets and dressing tables had become mandatory and dinner sets andtea sets were included along with kitchen utensils.

Watches, wall clocks and radiosets also became common because by then all these items had become customaryparts of middle class life. Today, refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles and awhole range of gadgetry are an integral part of upper class and upper middle classdowries because these families use many of these conveniences in their daily lives.

However, there is no escaping the fact that ugly tussles are becomingcommonplace over dowry payments. An important reason for growing cashdemands and expensive gifts for the grooms family is that parents see this as theirmain, if not the only chance, to be compensated for the big bonanza they areoffering the bride in the form of an earning son. They feel they should berecompensed for their investment in his education and upbringing since aftermarriage his wife may influence him not to support his own parents.

As long asjoint families were the norm and most parents could count on their sons to supportthem in old age and treat their income as belonging to a common pool, dowrydemands were not as much of an issue. However, with increasing breakdown ofjoint families and reluctance of many women to stay with in-laws, the insecurity ofparents in many families takes the form of trying to extract what they can from thebrides family at the time of their sons marriage.

The data seen is staggering. Some girls are forced to marry late because their family is not that financially strong to provide the groom with the high mounting dowry and fulfil their demands for a lavish and grandeur wedding ceremony. Some girls who are highly educated and even beautiful are forced to marry men who are not upto their worth in both appearneces and education all due to the fact that the suitable matches are bound to expect and ask for a high dowry that is both impossible for the girls family and is absurd hence the girl marries someone less deserving of her.

The humiliation generally will start with criticism, followed by familiar scenes-insults, abuses and demands for more money. Some women used to put up with oppression because they know that their parents are not in a situation to give more and to some other will think that things will change after the birth of a child. The means used in ill-treating daughters-in-law are: Dowry also raises the child marriages rate For an educated girl, the more educated and qualified husband is needed.

This demands greater dowry. Thus the parents prefer early marriages than to do so at a later age with higher demand of dowry. At the point when this happens everybody considers that it must be the flaw of the young lady or lady saying such things as: In this way, by and by both the young lady and her guardians experience the ill effects of bits of gossip and feedback.

These cases are also prevailing in those unmarried girls who are getting older getting rejected by every family because her parents are poor. Dowry system is a great malicious evil that forces many girls into suicide, to save their parents from economic grind. When the engagement is broken due to dowry the girl begins to live in the society with a sense of uncertainty, develops an inferiority complex, and remains emotionally crushed.

She feels herself to be a burden on her parents and sometimes in that despair and mental exhaustion is prone to commit suicide.

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Here is your essay on Dowry System in India Dowry is derived from the ancient Hindu customs of ‘kanyadan’ and ‘stridhan’. In ‘kanyadan’, the father of the bride offers the father of the groom money or property, etc whereas for ‘stridhan’, the bride herself gets jewelry and clothes at the time of her marriage, usually [ ].

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Short Essay on Dowry System in India: In our Indian society there are numerous problems like superstitions, illiteracy, cast system and dowry system etc. It is surprising that in these days of the 20th century even, we are still drowned in . Essay on Dowry - Dowry Culture is the enduring behavior ideas attitudes and tradition shared by a large group of people and transmit it to one generation to the next. India is one of those countries that has strong influence by culture.

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Dowry means those gifts and presents which are given by a father or a guardian to his daughter at the time of her marriage. In ancient times, it was considered as a sort of help to the newlyweds to establish their own home. This free Sociology essay on Essay: Dowry is perfect for Sociology students to use as an example.