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Sample Footnotes in MLA Style

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❶Another typing aid is the use of a special guide sheet Turabian.

How to Do Footnotes

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MLA Format Examples

It should list the relevant sources used in the research for the paper. This list should be arranged alphabetically by the surname of the author.

Unlike the footnote reference, the surname is shown first, set off from the rest of the information. The information required is: The information is separated for the most part by periods rather than by commas, as in the footnotes and the parentheses enclosing the facts of publication are dropped. Frontenac The Courtier Governor. McClelland and Stewart Limited, Europe in the Sixteenth Century. University of Toronto Press, U of R Home. Programs Courses Faculty and Staff News. Direct quotations from another author's work.

These must be placed in quotation marks. Triple spacing is used before and after the main heading while side headings blocked and capitals are preceded by a triple space 2 blank lines and followed by a double space 1 blank line. Single spacing is used for listings, enumerations, long quotations, footnotes, and other displays. Direct quotation of not more than three typewritten lines in length is run into the text and typed double spaced. A long direct quotation is typed single spaced.

Row, explain it this way: A quotation of three or fewer lines of typing is displayed simply for being typed within quotation marks, but a longer quotation is given special display. It is single spaced and indented five spaces from regular margins on both sides. Unbounded manuscripts whose pages are not going to be fastened like reports or articles for publication are usually typed with at least one-inch on all sides. On the first page, however, an extra inch at the top is provided so that the top margin falls two inches deep.

With top-bound pages, the top margin on all pages, except the first, is increased by one-half inch. With a side binding, the left margin is increased by one-half inch on all pages. Thus, on a side-bounded page the center of typed line moves to the right of actual center one-half the number of spaces left for the binding.

Every page in a manuscript is assigned a number although not indicated on every page. For example, the first page, where the title appears or the beginning of a chapter no page figure is typed but a number is allowed for that page. The page number is usually typed one-half. Typing Manuscripts with Footnotes and Endnotes or one inch form the top edge, aligned with the right margin and opposite the running head, if there is no running head, the page number is usually placed at the center of the page.

Top-bound manuscript is usually placed at the center of the page. Top-bound manuscript is usually numbered at the center, one or one-half inch at the bottom of the page.

In typing manuscripts with footnotes, special care should be exercised so that all the footnotes corresponding to the references that appear on the page are accommodated on the same page.

This can be facilitated with the use of typing aids. Some typists make a light pencil mark about an inch from the bottom of the page before they begin to type Beamer, Marshall Hanne and Popham, This warning line indicates to the typist that he should stop typing on that page to allow for an adequate bottom margin. If a footnote must be placed on the page, the pencil mark can easily be raised three or four lines to indicate the point where the footnotes begins.

The typist must remember to erase these marks after he removes the sheet of paper or carbon pack from the typewriter. Another typing aid is the use of a special guide sheet Turabian. This may be made of an onion skin or a very thin type of paper and placed between the original copy and first sheet of carbon paper. In traditional British East Africa, between the time of puberty and marriage, a young Akamba girl must maintain an avoidance relationship with her own father.

Looking at taboo in a modern society, Marvin Harris gives an interesting example of the application of cultural materialism to the Hindu taboo against eating beef. If your instructor considers your Footnote citations to be adequate documentation, you may not be required to complete a Works Cited, References or Bibliography page.

Otherwise, a separate page must be added at the end of your paper entitled: Works Cited, References, or Bibliography to include all of the above Footnote citations. Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences and Knowledge. Putting forth the effort to carefully research your topic, and to create finished paper that is organized and flows nicely from one paragraph to the next is the best way to ensure that you well on your way to a passing grade and a strong career for academic writing.

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Footnotes and Endnotes

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Footnotes must be listed numerically and consecutively, both in your essay and in your Footnote citation. Footnote numbers must be superscripted. In your text, add a superscripted number immediately after the quote or reference cited with no space.

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Guide to Essay Writing - Footnotes. Contents. Footnotes. Footnotes, notes or endnotes As a rule-of-thumb one could say that, although footnotes or notes are necessary, your interpretation should be able to stand without them. Thus, you should not carry on your main argument in footnotes.

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The footnotes may be numbered in sequence on each page or throughout the entire essay. I. Form and Content of Footnotes: A. From a book: 1 W. J. Eccles, Frontenac The Courtier Governor (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart Limited, ), Footnotes appear at the bottom of the page and endnotes come at the end of the document. A number or symbol on the footnote or endnote matches up with a reference mark in the document. Click where you want to reference to the footnote or endnote.

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The main difference between Footnotes and Endnotes is that Footnotes are placed numerically at the foot of the very same page where direct references are made; while Endnotes are placed numerically at the end of the essay on a separate page entitles Endnotes or Notes. 22 Sample Paragraph with Footnotes and a Bibliography In the field of music, we usually use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) citation system (not MLA, APA, etc.); see the chart on the following pages for examples of how to format footnotes and bibliography entries for various kinds of items.