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Do You Write Your Social Security Number on Checks to the IRS?

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❶How do you avoid paying fees by using checks? Jacki Straker - May 24th, at 9:

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Isn't a really bad idea to put your s. I've read that over the years but my accountant has said that I should add my s. I've refused to do that for years.

I don't know if this is just being suggested by my accountant or the request originates with the IRS but if it's the latter, what do you do about this when paying your taxes? I assume the concern is that if the check gets separated from the tax filing, the IRS won't know which account to apply the payment to. It seems to me though, that unless you have a name shared by other people, that really shouldn't be a problem.

It has been my understanding that you do not put your SSN, your full name and your phone number on your checks. I observe that rule and have had no problems. Is the risk of having your phone number on checks primarily that it could added to databases which you'd prefer to keep it out of, or are there other risks involved? Mele20 Premium Member join: That doesn't make sense. How do you write a check without putting your full name? You just use your first name to sign your checks or your initials?

I haven't put my phone number, for 40 years, on a check even when merchants would insist I give it to them. Hank Searching for a new Frontier Premium Member join: When I consider how easy it is to get all of my information today I don't think it really matters much. I have safeguarded my information over the years yet I have recently been victim of identify theft. So what good did it do me.

The instruction to put your SS number on the check is part of the IRS instructions not just something your accountant is telling you. Yes, it is in case the check is separated from the form.

Normally the security risk would be that you are giving the recipient your Social Security number, but in this case of course you are giving it to them anyway.

Very few people have a unique name, so I guess if you are confident that you are unique it might not be helpful Given the way checks are cleared by the IRS these days it seems unlikely that it adds any significant risk to your identity being stolen.

That said I hate checks anyway I only use them when other options aren't available. BTW paper checks are converted to electronic transfers these days. IMO you're not gaining anything except for not paying fees imposed by gummint agencies by using them. In California, for example, you can pay your property taxes via a direct transfer from your checking account and there is no fee for that.

However, if you choose to use a credit card for the same payment, there is a fee imposed for that because a third party processor handles credit card transactions. The same thing applies when you use a service to pay income taxes state and federal via a credit card.

BTW, many paper checks are converted to electronic transfers, but I have still seen canceled checks to the US Treasury for payment of income taxes, so I don't think they have completely eliminated processing actual checks. Maybe that will happen after the end of the tax year. That said, the use of checks to make payroll tax deposits Form was eliminated in late , as I recall.

I'd have to go back and look for the exact date when banks could no longer accept deposits by check. OK, I checked just now and it was officially ended as of December 31, , but Wells Fargo specifically cut it off earlier in order to get the new procedure going by the beginning of I believe that as StuartMW stated almost all checks to the Treasury are converted to an electronic image and processed electronically.

In many cases a Truncated image is included. I believe the Government uses Clearingworks by US Dataworks at this point, since if I recall correctly US Dataworks said their system is used for all incoming checks to the government.

It's probably as risky as writing your social security number on a I too avoid writing my SS on any payment check, but more out of pure knee-jerk reaction than reasoned analysis.

How do you avoid paying fees by using checks? The only checks I would put my social security number on would be either to the IRS or to my state when I pay taxes. I don't even put my bank account number on my checks anymore, what with the new non-envelope ATM deposit function that my bank has.

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Technically they could return it to you. I Forgot My Ssn Number. Related Questions Can the irs garnashee social security payments?

What happens when a Social Security Number is stolen or bought? Which social security number does the economic stimulus payment go by? The last two digits of my social security number is 19 the where is my tax stimulus payment? Answer Questions I noticed i have been claiming myself as a dependent throughout the year on my taxes as the only dependent while being single? Calculate federal excise tax on cars?

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peterwalker-April 16th, at pm none Comment author # on Do You Write Your Social Security Number on Checks to the IRS? by Queercents I don’t like the idea of .

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Apr 19,  · The IRS does not garnish something. A garnishment demands a courtroom order and the IRS has to means to levy with out action by any courtroom of regulation. The IRS can many times levy 15% of your gross SS advantages if it is Social protection Retirement. they often do not levy Social protection Resolved. Mar 14,  · Make sure that the name shown on your social security card matches the name you use on your tax return. If you haven’t changed your name with the SSA, you'll need to show your former name on the tax return instead of your married name to avoid delays.

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homework help for highschool Do Have Write My Social Security Number My Check Irs make me do my homework transer paper for colour laser writerWrite clearly in the memo section of your check your Social Security number, the tax year to which the payment applies, and the tax form related to the check (, A, EZ – or ES for estimated /10(). Do Have Write My Social Security Number My Check Irs do have write my social security number my check irs Social Security Dont carry your Social Security card in your wallet or write your Social Security number on a check.