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❶This form contains some basic sections such as the personal information of the students, the date of the service, the duration of the service, the name of the organization and so on. If your thinking about changing jobs, its an excellent opportunity to find out what you enjoy doing.

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Community Service Completion Form
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Your court referral form or time sheet. You may download and sign indemnification form found below. If you are not able to download the form, we will have you a sign the form when you come in to our office. We require this form to be on file before you begin your work day.

Bring that card with you each day when you report to work your hours. If you lose the card, you will need to come by N. Las Moras, 24 hours in advance before reporting to work. There is no charge for replacement cards. Boots or tennis shoes that cover the entire foot are required. No slip-on shoes, high heels, slippers, flip flops or sandals. T-shirts must have sleeves that reach the mid-arm, round collars, and mid-hip in length.

No tank tops, muscle shirts, V- neck shirts, or jerseys, shirts with obscene or derogatory pictures or phrases or advertising of tobacco and alcohol products, no button-up shirts or polo shirts.

Pants must extend over the top of the shoe and must be worn with a belt or must fit tight enough around the waist that they do not droop past the top of the hips. No shorts, sweat suits, skinny jeans, tight pants, wind pants, warm-up pants or dresses. They may not be worn backwards or sideways Note: Clients who are not appropriately dressed will not be allowed to complete their assignments. The dress code helps us to ensure your safety. Client will be responsible for bringing their own lunch.

Supervisors and Crew leaders are not responsible for taking the clients out to lunch. Food delivery service to work site is not permitted.

Do not disclose your location to friends or family. You are not allowed to leave location for lunch. No visitors are allowed while working. No music devices are allowed and cell phone can only be turned on while on break or lunch. Juveniles may not have cell phones or music devices in their possession during their work assignments. If found with these items, they will be terminated from the program.

You will be notified if you are being released from the program and the reason for the expulsion will be forwarded to the court. Completion form is given when hours are complete on last day of work.

Completion form must be turned into courts before or by due date. Client must maintain updated information in system. Hours worked can only be applied to a single court case.

Client must maintain activity once registered at least once every 30 days from last date worked, if not you may be terminated from the program.

Always have court paperwork available. Other Important Rules The Department will reject a client who is uncooperative or refuses to perform tasks as assigned. Complete information regarding the rejection will be provided in writing to the referring agency. Participants may not smoke, use music devices or cell phones during assignment. Students are not limited in the number of hours served per site; however, service hours must be.

Incomplete Community Service forms will not be accepted. Complete 40 hours at approved locations or activities different sites required. Complete Community Service Form for each volunteer site served. Submit hours no more than 60 days following the completion of the activity.

Hours completed over the. Student commits to volunteer a specified number of service hours over. For example, every Tuesday from 4: Student makes a commitment to volunteer with an organization holding a one or. A student-generated idea to help a specific organization or.

Each project must have the approval of the administration prior to. A service project linked to the curriculum of a class and. Community Service Form Legal. Community Service Form Miscellaneous. Related Categories Parent category:

Example of Community Service Form for High School Student

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A Community service form is a pivotal document which is used to fill out details of an individual’s hours of community service.

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Submit Community Service Form Search × What can we help you find? Close × × Class of Class of Class of Class of Mentors Community Service About Us News Blog Contact. Step 1: Community Service Form. First Name. Last Name. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number. Need assistance with this form?

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Thank you for volunteering in your community. Please keep track of your volunteer hours by using the form in the attached link. Community Service Form Click Here. Community Service Completion Form To be used to receive credit from community service organizations/clubs/teams. Please fill out one form per each.

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Community service can be defined as voluntary service intended to help people in a particular area. Community service forms are filled before or after the completion of such services, with the purpose of being attached to the resume. Verification+of+Community+Service+ Student’Number’_____’ Student’Name_____’ Grade_____’Academy’_____’.