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My first (and hopefully only) car accident

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❶As we broke the top of one of the small, blind hills in the middle of the right lane was a dead deer. I was relieved that she owned up to it, because the last thing I wanted was an insurance battle.

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This is a typical pre-teen, adolescent dream, yet it was as important to me as the sun rising. Nothing would ever top this, once I had it, no one could take it away. I wanted it and I dreamed about it everyday. In my early years of high school, my older friends would drive me to and from school, just the normal everyday activities.

Usually we would go grab a bite to eat, drop off some of the other passengers—mine was the third stop. Since I was too young to participate in all the activities on their agendas, I was unable to tag along. I had rules and an over-protective mom who was strict on what time I was to return home and made sure I completed my homework before allowing me to go out with my friends.

My time for this accomplishment was nearing. I was thrilled to no end knowing how close I was to achieving the same sovereignty as my peers. I had two courses to complete that I was raring to get done. With the pressures of high school and all the responsibilities that come along, it was not easy to find a job without my own car. After a couple months or searching for work, I put on my brave front and sought employment at the ever-so dreaded mall.

I soon found a quaint job and began my quest to save money. Although I had small expenditures, I was still able to save here and there, and just prayed I would be rewarded with lots of monetary units when I graduated. After all my courses and many hours of driving with my mother and friends of age, I was ready for my road test. I was overly prepared, and knew I would ace this test. Without a second thought, I hit the ground running; my parallel parking was flawless, speed limit was on target, and my hands on nine and twelve as they should be many may remember the old version on ten and two.

Soon enough I was at the local Secretary of State, dressed up, more nervous about the picture then I was about the test itself. Within a few weeks, my small hard plastic license was in the mail.

Only one problem remained, I had no vessel for traveling! I had my license for nearly a year when my senior year was coming close to an end. I had a small amount of money saved and was depending heavily on graduation money to satisfy my thoughts and needs for buying a car. I had my sights set one car. It was within my price range, and met every one of my demands. Matching Beige interior, working quartz clock, dual exhaust cherry bomb mufflers loud enough to set off a car alarm complete with a CD player.

I am not the type of girl who wants a brand new car. Mine had to be already loved; and then hated enough to sell. The first time you clean it out, you may find treasures under the seats and in the nooks and crannies. Every day, my dad picked me up after school. However, he wasn't there on that day. My uncle took me home and I asked him why my dad wasn't there.

He told me that my parents had left to look for this Civic. I was very excited and scared at the same time. After I took my sister home, my parents came with no car. I asked what had happened. My dad told me that his friend had gotten there before them and picked up the car for us. I was very happy. So, my dad went to the bedroom to rest. After about an hour, my dad gets a call.

It was his friend on the phone. I asked my dad what he said. He told me that the car had been hit when the friend was doing a test drive. I was sad and heartbroken. I didn't even see the car and it was gone. My dad called his friend and asked if he needed a ride.

The friend said he had friends already on their way.

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My First Car Essays and Research Papers. Search. My First Car Accident My First Car Accident In November , I experienced the scariest moment in my life. That was the month I encountered my very first car accident. Its a memory I.

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My First Car Essay examples Words 4 Pages It was a cold December night shortly after dusk, a likely setting for an event that would prove to be life altering.

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It was the summer of my sophomore year in high school. I was fifteen years old and anticipating my sixteenth birthday. I only had one thing on my mind, a car. My father and I had discusses getting a car and the responsibilities of owning one. He said we would start shopping for one soon, and we did /5(10). My First Car. 3 Pages Words January Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Topics in this paper.

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There was always one major thought, the goal, a simple dream that made twinges of excitement flow through my body. The waiting was incredible, and it always seemed forever and . My First Car Essay - It was a cold December night shortly after dusk, a likely setting for an event that would prove to be life altering. As fate would have it, this would be the night that I lost the material possession that truly meant the most to me.