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Hurricane Katrina Essays (Examples)

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❶At the same time, Louisiana is the nation's top oyster producer, and wholesalers are waiting in fear to see if the beds have been damaged" "Katrina's Impact". It was also marked as the most damaged city of the United States by Katrina.

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Essay on Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina Essay Paper

It was also marked as the most damaged city of the United States by Katrina. In a result, electricity and property outages, food, shelter and medicine problems raised which suffered the citizens of the U. More than one million people had left their houses and lived in the New Orleans Super dome.

Half of the city was floating in the water. Expressways, bridges and giant buildings were presenting the picture of the seaside. The most outrageous, more than 2 million people have suffered the electricity outrage for several weeks. Water was the main cause to restore the electricity. Now the whole city was rebuilt in a new way, but a large number of places missing its identity and old shape. The outrageous factor of Katrnia Hurricane was a reaction from the masses of New Orleans towards local and federal government.

They have shown their anger because local government did not plan the city as a hurricane protected city when they were aware about its geographic credentials. New Orleans has changed, now it has a new look, many people have migrated from the city, but there is still dearth need of development because the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. Home Using writer's help Our tutorials John Green: Topics for a biology term paper Citing sources in a term paper Term paper in five steps Setting homework timetable Animal Farm essay sample Entrance essay structure Strong essay introduction Graduate school application essay structure Essay sample on impartiality Diagram of your essay ideas Modality image registration: The students who have suffered from this loss of their education are very lucky to have so much support.

Thousands of schools are taking in students and doing whatever they can to make them feel comfortable. Places such as Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles are just a few of the places that are now accepting displaced students. In overall, there are over 25 states that have taken in displaced students. People all over the country are helping by accepting and taking in these students that have been devastated by the hurricane. One other problem that students and schools are facing now is money problems.

The budgets of schools are going up and they are having trouble accepting all the students displaced by the hurricane. Even before the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, Texas was having financial problems because of the increasing school system. In , there were many complaints in Texas that schools were not receiving enough money. Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina has hit many parts of the southeast region of the U.

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Basics of Hurricane Katrina essaysHurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest and costliest hurricanes in the United States. Katrina made landfall as a category three hurricane on August 29, The initial landfall was made in the Gulf Region near Buras Louisiana and later at the Louisiana and Mis.

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Not only was Hurricane Katrina the by far the most lethal and most destructive storm of the hurricane season, as well as the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States, but also it is one of the top five deadliest hurricanes.3/5(3). If you're looking for a paper describing the effects of the hurricane Katrina, feel free to use a custom written article provided just here below.

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From to Hurricane Katrina the United States government has used many of its different resources to help with the aftermath. Essay on Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina was recorded as the eleventh storm and fifth hurricane that happened in the year The storm was a natural disaster that majorly affected the coastal region of the United States of American.