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Benefits of Online Education
Online Education Programs

Distance learning is usually offered using one of these methods, or a combination of them:. No matter which type — or types — of online education one chooses to pursue, the options are typically plentiful.

Where online education put down roots in just a handful of college majors, it has since expanded to nearly every field and discipline in academia, with very few exceptions. With that being said, certain fields lend themselves to online learning for various reasons. Across the nation, the most popular degree programs offered online include:. The benefits that come with online learning depend a lot on the individual. While some students simply enjoy the convenience of studying in their pajamas, others must choose online education in order to stay home with their children.

Still, the biggest perk that comes with online degree programs has to do with location. Simply put, when you pursue online education, you don't have to uproot your life to do it; you can just stay home. Staying home to pursue a degree can not only make earning a degree possible, but also less time-consuming. For example, students who pursue online degrees may not have to:. At the same time, it allows them to study and take tests at a time and place that works best for them, learn at their own pace, and transition through their courses faster.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and while there are many benefits, online education does have one drawback — the lack of a personal connection. To lessen the impact, many online schools have begun offering a wide range of services that connect students with their peers and instructors. Commonly, those features include online message boards and chat rooms, video conferences, and web-based forums.

For students who do not have an ideal program located very near to their home, an online or online-hybrid degree may make a lot of sense. But it's important to remember that not all online degrees are created equally. Elementary teachers guide students in grades through the learning process and prepare them for future schooling. Prepare for a career working with children in developing their academic and social skills by earning an elementary education degree online. Secondary education teachers work with youth and adolescents, and typically teach a single subject.

The secondary education degree online can help you prepare to develop and nurture each student's individual talents and abilities. Special education teachers assist students who have a spectrum of different needs in implementing individualized education plans. Earn a special education degree online to begin a career positively impacting and teaching students with special needs.

At GCU, you will take one class at a time while earning your online degree in education, allowing you to maximize learning and build your knowledge base. Your program length will depend on which online degree in education you choose. You may have an opportunity to earn credit through GCU-approved certificates, national exams or transfer credits. Admission requirements for our online education degrees will depend on whether you want to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree.

If you are a qualified student who is committed and dedicated to learning the art and science of teaching, willing to uphold the university's vision and mission, and open to the possibility of spiritual and intellectual development, you are encouraged to apply. Get more information about your steps to admission. Skip to main content. I am a future Enter a keyword to search for a degree program Search Degrees. Online Education Courses If you are an educator looking to further your knowledge in a specific subject or advance your career, consider taking individual online education courses.

Teaching Degree Online Pursue your bachelor of education degree online through the College of Education. Masters in Education Online Whether you are a current or aspiring educator, a masters in education online can open doors for your career, introduce new opportunities and foster relationships while increasing your earning potential. Online Early Childhood Education Degree Earning an online early childhood education degree allows you to nurture and teach children from birth through third grade.

Elementary Education Degree Online Elementary teachers guide students in grades through the learning process and prepare them for future schooling.

Online Education Degree Types

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Online Graduate Education Programs Some school districts require their teachers to have a master’s degree, so earning it online can lead to career growth for current and future educators. A graduate program in education might also provide the right state teaching credential or license and lead to .

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At DeVry University, we offer online education and college course options in business, tech and health at the undergraduate certificate, associate and bachelor's degree program levels – all with the same quality education available as in our on-campus programs.

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Online Education Is Totally Worth The Effort Online courses and degree programs are more convenient and cheaper than their counterparts in traditional education. Those are the two main advantages of online learning that lead many students to opt for online platforms when they want to . Access more than online courses from + leading institutions including Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, and more. Join millions of members worldwide. Try online classes for free today.

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Online Education WEF offers comprehensive online training materials for wastewater and stormwater professionals. Use these resources at your fingertips to study at your own pace. Earn your education degree online or on-campus – and prepare for career opportunities for yourself. Balance school with life by taking one course at a time, online or at a campus near you. Learn from curriculum designed with your future in mind – and taught by .