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Sportsmanship Essays (Examples)


❶Without mutual cooperation, success is impossible. However, in some instances it can be impersonal particularly over long distances.

Sportsmanship Essay Sample

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The Meaning of Good Sportsmanship

Proficient with athletic scheduling software. Adept at training programs for all levels. Ethics on Sports It Is. This struggle triggers the onset of a range of physiological adaptations geared towards enhancing the efficiency of the body's respiratory, cardiovascular and oxygen utilization systems" Hypoxico Altitude Training, N.

In consideration of controversial perceptions regarding ethical conclusions relating to hypoxico, Lippi, Guides and Franchini stress that the "spirit of sport" needs to be developed to include the notion of ethics and authenticity. Lippi, Guides and Franchini, nevertheless, report that they do not entirely agree with the assumption that teleologically, no evidence suggests that more harm than good comes from these particular devices.

They note that a universal ban on passive training regimens, such as hypoxic,…… [Read More]. School-Based Intervention Trials for the. In many areas of the country this may be very accurate. Another problem that comes into the picture where obesity in children is concerned is that many parents must work very long hours today to pay bills and have money for what their family needs Mokdad, et al.

Children used to come home from school and go and play with others, but many now live in neighborhoods where this is unsafe or where there are no children their age so they remain inside watching TV or playing video games and snacking on whatever is available Mokdad, et al. If there is healthy food in the house this is often not a problem, but many households are full of potato chips,…… [Read More]. Honor Code of Chinese Warriors the Objective.

Honor Code of Chinese Warriors The objective of this study is to discuss the honor code of warrior-heroes in Chinese history and to answer to what the honor code consists of and the origin of the honor code.

As well, this study will examine how this honor code influenced the intentions, words, and actions of the warriors and how the honor code manifests itself in novels, how and when the codes apply and what competing visions existed in human conduct. Wuxia is a term in Mandarin that means literally "martial arts chivalry" and is representative of a unique Chinese type of story that is dated back as far as the Tang Dynasty Wuxia is defined by stories "that combine wushu martial arts tradition with deeds of heroic chivalry perfomed by men and women.

As a result of racial and ethnic achievement gaps, the study of school engagement amongst students of color is essential to closing these gaps. Previous research uncovered a pattern of underachievement in African-American students who have lower grades and receive less education than non-Hispanic White students Dotterer et al.

According to Jimerson et al. The affective dimension is associated with an emotional connection to school and the sense of belonging that students have with their school. Additionally this dimension of school engagement is often referred to as school attachment Johnson et al.

The affective dimension of school engagement "reflects…… [Read More]. In the past, the NCAA believes the fouled team could gain an advantage by selecting its best shooter from the roster.

Now it appears that it's okay, though, for the opposing coach to select the worst shooter. A growing number of taunting incidents, along with throwing elbows under the basket, and the charging and blocking incidents are being looked at for further action. Officials have been notified that they should put an emphasis on controlling those situations. Associated Press ibliography Halpin, T. What was the NCAA thinking? Retention of Participants in Youth.

Why I Quit Hockey Keep Your Priorities Straight The mark of success is often due to goals in a hockey match, but in practice other performances are equally important, and that should be realized the people who are encouraging the player. The supporters often want the player to carry out action on the field that the player cannot do due to his deficiencies in some areas, though that does not make him any less a player.

The players often get encouragement from their non-tournament performance as then they can perform without tension and this improves their capacities as a player. The supporters keep advising the coaches about what they should or should not do, and often enough even the players knows that such an action will be wrong.

The players are aware that their game is costing the guardians money, and to them it seems that the guardian is not…… [Read More]. Violence in American Sports Today. Given that people engage in sporting events for a wide range of reasons, the authors assert that it is time for athletes to develop a moral code that embraces higher standards of conduct that will help reverse these recent trends and once again provide American sports with a sense of fair play and respect.

In this essay, the authors report that there have been a number of recent studies and reports that suggest that the pressure in high school sports is growing, rather than declining.

The authors cite an article in Sports Illustrated that described the alarming trends of parental misbehavior at youth sport events. The president…… [Read More]. Bandura and Examination of Hbm and Sct. Junior golf is a sport that teaches skills and lessons kids and teens keep learning from, for the rest of their lives.

Through observation and communication, youth understand the value of fairness, good sportsmanship, competitive spirit, teamwork, and several other key lessons. This is due to the core values taught by instructors and junior golfers in the sport. Some like Bandura and otter observe such phenomenon as a product of social learning theory. Social learning theory or as Bandura relabeled, social cognitive theory, posits that behavior is determined from expectancies as well as incentives.

Expectancies are divided into three types. The first is expectancies about environmental cues or beliefs on what leads to what. The second is expectancies about the consequences of an individual's actions meaning outcome expectation. The third is expectancies over competence to perform a necessary behavior in order to influence outcomes, termed efficacy expectation. These expectancies are…… [Read More]. Hank Aaron is a household name in baseball, one of the most important and influential players in any sport.

The reasons for Hank Aaron's success go far beyond his athletic abilities and talents as a player -- for which he is obviously renowned -- but to his sportsmanship, his civil rights activism, and for his overall character. Aaron contributed tremendously to the sport of baseball by injecting his values and ideals into the game. Born Henry Louis Allen, Hank was born in Mobile, Alabama in what has widely been described as a "humble" and economically underprivileged circumstances "Hank Aaron," n.

Segregation and overt, politically and socially sanctioned racism was a part of life in the America that Hank knew. Hank admitted he was bitten by the baseball bug at a young age, and was already "showing prowess" when he was just four years old Vascellaro 2.

Clearly a child prodigy…… [Read More]. Unlike either deontological or utilitarian ethics, virtue ethics focuses on character. Because virtue ethics are not consequentialist, overall virtue ethical frameworks are more akin to deontological analysis of moral right and wrong. At the same time, Aristotle and other proponents of virtue ethics believed that it is most important to be a good person, and to live a good life, than it is to ascribe to some external moral code.

Magnanimity is best understood as understated confidence, evident in behaviors like good sportsmanship whether one wins or loses. Temperance is moderation in all areas of life: President Kennedy's Contribution to Physical.

Scores are recorded to the nearest tenth of a second. To measure heart and lung endurance by fastest time to cover a one-mile distance. On a safe, one-mile distance, students begin running on the count "Ready? However, the students should be encouraged to cover the distance in as short a time as possible. Students should be given ample instruction on pacing themselves and should be allowed to practice running this distance against time.

Sufficient time should be allowed for warming up and cooling down before and after the test. Times are recorded in minutes and seconds. To measure upper body strength and endurance by maximum number of pull-ups completed.

Student hangs from a horizontal…… [Read More]. Leadership and Social Change Boy. However, while I see that Boy Scouts has helped develop my empathy and my planning ability, I know that I continue to struggle with my ability to frame concepts for a group. Servant leadership is not about asserting power, but about developing rightful authority.

However, it is not really the leader's path that he asks people to follow. On the contrary, because a servant leader listens to people, respects all members of the group, and considers short- and long-term consequences, the path that the servant leader proposes should be one that is best for the group. Of course, that path may not seem best to the group because of competing interests, short-term worldview, or the fact that every plan is going to have pluses and minuses for…… [Read More].

Churchill Downs Race Track Beating. The racehorse industry has been faced with accusations of promoting the breeding of fragile animals that are unable to withstand the rigors of training, because of a lust for promoting speedy animals at all costs.

And the recent publicity of the slaughter of retired racehorses who have outlived their usefulness has further damaged the reputation of the sport. Unlike other forms of betting, horseracing must try to preserve its family-friendly image to some extent, given that many parents take their children to the track. Poor sportsmanship and a lack of sensitivity to the suffering of animals will turn the next generation of fans away.

Conclusion Churchill Downs must honor the legacy of its treasured past, and promote prominent ethical spokespersons for the sport, like the multiple Kentucky Derby winner jockey Calvin Borel. More stringent standards must be imposed industry-wide regarding the treatment of both horses and jockeys, but until then,…… [Read More]. Cricket Controversy in South Africa. It was often said: South Africa was banned from the Olympic Games in because it would only permit whites to represent the nation, on the grounds that only whites could become citizens.

But the more rarefied sports of rugby and cricket were slower to react. These sports were often criticized by anti-apartheid activists within South Africa because unlike football, there were few examples of interracial play under apartheid, given the greater expense and the class as well as racial barriers that existed within these sports. The end of apartheid has exhibited swift changes in South African cricket: Editing and Proofreading of Customer's. My family encouraged me to play because the game teaches good sportsmanship and integrity, and my father could see that my daily practicing was building up my determination to achieve proficiency at something new.

Before long, I was one of the regular players and I practiced all day long throughout that summer. I tried out for the school handball team as a freshman but I was too inexperienced to make the team. After another year of regular practice, I tried out for team again the following year and I was genuinely thrilled to find out that my efforts had proven successful.

My coach even approached me to tell me that he new I must have practiced extensively because of how much I had improved since the previous year. It is extremely satisfying to see that my hard work paid off and I intend to channel the same focus to improving…… [Read More]. Mr Baseball and Multiculturalism Describe. Hiroko is obviously fond of him, and in the simple ceremonies of dining, and the reactions of her grandparents, Eliot realizes that it is again his own "bumbling" that is causing the conflict, not Japanese culture.

In addition, Eliot learns that "The Chief' is actually Hiroko's father, who is quite literate in English, but proves to Eliot that he is in Japan, it is up to him to learn some Japanese. Youth's Decision to Withdraw From. The Fun Principle stated that as "we take the fun out of physical activities, we take the kids out of them" Martens, , p.

Martens said that learning should be enjoyable and that when winning is pursued in the extreme, it produces behaviors that destroy children's self-worth and rob them of fun.

However, adults frequently violate this principle by over organizing, constantly instructing and evaluating, over drilling and routinizing the learning of skills, replacing unstructured play with calisthenics, and using physical activity as a form of punishment. Martens noted that the irony in youth sports is that "we turn young people off of the very thing we want to turn them on to" p.

If lifelong participation in physical activity is the goal, then the emphasis should shift from the outcome to the quality of experiences, according to Martens. Coach Knight Case What Are.

The ends may justify the means, so long as no one along the way gets hurt. If anyone does get hurt then the ends do not justify the means, which is why Coach Knight was eventually forced off the Indiana University team. Winning is important but not at the expense of human health; a loss of pride or hurt feelings is different from a loss of a limb or a severe injury that might be caused by a leaders like Coach Knight losing his temper.

If your child was on Coach Knight's team, what tips would you give him? I would tell my child to respect Coach Knight's tactics. I would remind my son or daughter that the Coach had his best interests in mind; that the Coach valued winning and because of that he expected to win every game.

Professional Teams Keep Community Together. The professional athletes shows that winning is not the only reason to play, they play the game for entertainment, sportsmanship and to keep the people united.

They don't show any bitterness or hate for the rival team they are having a match with. This helps the community to realize that its always not about win e. The athletes not even build a sense of unity in their team but they also try to show it to the community that team work can lead to success.

When the event of Olympics takes place athletes and sports officials from over countries join hands and come together for the cause of sports. It's an event in which…… [Read More]. Flow the Pleasure of Flow. Reality can be transcended with the right mindset, even if the activity appears ordinary. Achieving 'flow' may be especially important for children coming from difficult circumstances, which may need a safe space to forget about the adult demands in their lives, such as taking care of younger siblings.

Students under a great deal of pressure to achieve can benefit from having a sense of 'pure' play -- unlike school activities, recreation is not supposed to have a 'point. For adults, unlike the confusion of competing pulls of work and school, the clear goals of sport or producing a craft within a fixed period of time can produce great inner clarity.

The psychological benefits of flow are so great, Csikszentmihaly states that they produce a powerful answer for parents that who might insist time is…… [Read More].

Croquet Roller Derby Tubing World. Team Handball is a game in which two teams of seven players each pass a ball and throw it into the other team's goal. There are six outfield players and a goalkeeper. In the opinion of this author, it would qualify as a sport due its competitive, recreational nature and the existence of a professional association "USA Team Handball Association". Sky Diving or parachuting is the action of exiting an aircraft and the returning to earth with the help of a parachute "How Stuff orks".

Suits would focus on the competitive nature of sports and how it brings about and promotes team building Suits, xvi. This is a quality that will pay off in terms of dividends in almost any field of endeavor.

In this case, it would apply even…… [Read More]. What made story, dying pancreatic cancer, knew. His lecture featured Good Morning America television show, millions readers bought copies book form.

It is simply a college professor's speech -- albeit one with great gravitas, as the deliverer is suffering from a terminal illness -- but it has made a worldwide impact due to the frank, humorous, and inspirational story it tells.

Pausch's wisdom reverberates in the mind of the viewer long after watching. In delivering this last lecture, he manages to educate his audience about a myriad of topics, not the least of which is the human condition.

One of the most revelatory ideas in Pausch's speech is the notion of the "head fake;" Pausch…… [Read More]. Productive Org Productive and Counter-Productive ork Behaviors Organizational success is predicated on the abilities and efforts demonstrated by personnel.

This denotes the importance of identifying behaviors that promote productivity and eliminating those which are counterproductive. The discussion hereafter offers a concise consideration of how to achieve this balance. Productive and Counterproductive Behavior: The text by hite offers some basic definitions that help to assign meanings to productive and counterproductive behaviors within the context of the workplace.

Influence of Baseball on My Life. As an American child, baseball was invariably a part of my childhood experience. From the baseball cap and baseball glove that my father posed me in for my first birthday photo shoot, to the block-baseball team that used my suburban home back-yard as the outfield, to the interrupted regularly-scheduled programming of lengthy televised games in our Not-Fighting living room, to the good and evil dichotomy of coaches that would shape my Middle-School and High-School teams, baseball has been an omnipresent force in my life.

It has been there to highlight the great times, as well as emphasize the bad ones, and occasionally, when fate thought kindly of my situation, even brought…… [Read More]. Home School Athletes in Public. Secondly, the student must meet the requirements for a home education program, which include the same curriculum as listed in Florida Statutes, During the time of participation, the student must show evidence of academic progress, as determined by an evaluation which may include a review of the student's work by a certified instructor, grades obtained through correspondence courses or community colleges, or standardized test scores Florida Statute The student must register with the school at the beginning of the term in which they wish to participate Florida Statute These requirements are difficult enough to enforce, but as noted, with proper testing and evaluation by qualified instructors, the curriculum and grading of home educated students appears to be very manageable.

In the State of Florida, then, the academic requirements for sport participation are equal for both public and home educated students. Olympic Games were incredibly popular, sold out events that ran every four years for twelve centuries. That they were so popular and so long-lived indicates that the Olympic Games held a vital place in Greek society.

As Perrottet notes, the Greek writer Epictetus saw the Games as a metaphor for human existence. As noted, the Games were a difficult experience, fraught with heat, crowds, dirt, clamor, insect infestations and other hassles. Yet, despite these hardships, they were "an unforgettable spectacle" p.

Life itself has always been full of difficulty, born of our environment and the human condition, yet we persevere because we want to experience life as richly as we can. The metaphor holds well, because just as Olympic champions are those who overcome the most, estern society in particular also places emphasis on heroes and champions, those who overcome all of the challenges in order to triumph.

Stanard Standard 4 Using Developmentally Effective. A child's education does not begin and end with the schoolhouse door. Parents must reinforce the lessons children learn after the children leave school. If parents believe that the children's education is not valuable, they will not reinforce what is learned at home.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that students have adequate time to do homework, go to bed at a reasonable hour, limit television time, and ensure that children have 'balanced' lives. They are more willing to cooperate if they know their children's teachers and feel that the teachers respect their input, culture, and lifestyles.

Additionally, by getting to know parents, teachers can become more cognizant of the specific…… [Read More]. Preliminaries Negotiation Scenario Negotiation represents the form of argument, discussion, or interaction between two or more individuals or parties with the aim of reaching an agreement or solution to the point of difference Lewicki, Negotiations form part of life in relation to the existence of the human race.

This is an indication that negotiations are crucial in economical, political, social, and cultural fields. Some of the common negotiation situations include the interview in search for employment opportunity, business contract negotiations, sportsmanship contracts, and sale of products or services. One of the common negotiation scenarios one might encounter in the prospect of business activity is negotiating with unique business agent for the first time.

In this scenario, the other party might suggest a compromise. This might be in the form of meeting at half way the price of the commodity. If one manages to be successful in this type of…… [Read More].

National ifle Association NA represents individuals and groups who are concerned about losing their right to own guns and as a hunter this is of utmost importance to me. They are concerned about losing the right to keep and bear arms which is guaranteed to the citizenry of the United States of America by the Second Amendment of the Constitution in the Bill of ights. In their view, they are protectors of the Constitution and almost always support the epublican party and oppose the Democratic party because they feel their issues are better supported by the politics of the epublican party.

Typically, the National ifle Association's main opposition is comprised of gun control advocates and Democrats. Currently, the National ifle Association is lobbying strongly against The Sportsmen's Act of , as well as paying close attention to gun control bans, and laws regarding assault weapons NA-ILA, Without the National…… [Read More]. Customers can watch their favorite sports while they are served by a dynamic and engaging wait staff.

Behind the counter, equally enthusiastic line cooks prepare the perfect burgers, fries, wings, and seafood to go with the football, basketball, and baseball games on-screen. The beer is cold, and the atmosphere is filled with a sense of friendly rivalry. Servers must be motivated, and used to working in a fast-paced environment.

Earning potential is high, given that customers often order multiple appetizers, drinks, and entrees…… [Read More]. Cricket Fix Corruption Political Patronage and the. Nations, regions and populations attach a great deal of importance to athletic competition and particularly to the notions of honor, integrity and sportsmanship.

So recent revelations of match fixing in cricket have shaken the sport to its foundation. Particularly, evidence of match fixing in Pakistan is forcing the sport to examine its conscience. According to the transcript emerging from an investigation into such events, gambling odds-makers are guilty of an historically persistent pattern of corruption.

CEO of the International Cricket Council ICC between , Malcolm Speed indicates that "the same bookmakers who were there in the late 90s, who were corrupt then and were seeking corrupt players, they're still there. Education Gainesville, FL Major: Increased same store sales by 4. Gainesville, FL Personal Training Intern 30 hours per week Jan May Pioneered a successful corporate fitness program for over 60 employees designed to increase productivity and overall efficiency within the work environment.

Gun Control Changed by Customer. Congress can pass specific legislation to control what types of guns are sold, to whom, and how. The school shooter in Sandy Hook, for example, was able to obtain guns legally given that his mother was an avid gun collector. However, there are also examples of persons with questionable mental health histories, such as the Virginia Tech killer, who likely would have been prohibited from owning a weapon had he been forced to submit to a background check.

Tom Brown's Schooldays," by Thomas Hughes. Specifically, it will look at how this work describes sports in 19th century England, and compare it with other historical descriptions of English sports. The schoolboys at ugby, as might be expected, play ugby football, which is quite different from American football.

The winner is the one who gets the "best of three goals; whichever side kicks two goals wins: Goals are kicked like American field…… [Read More]. Life Has Been My Work as a. I participated in the YMCA program as a way to serve my required volunteer hours to graduate. While it started out as a requirement, it soon became something that I enjoyed and I found that I was good at it. That experience led me to choose the field I want to work in. I am going to work in the field of sports management.

My summers at the YMCA camp gave me the opportunity to mediate children in various sport activities. Whether it was baseball, basketball, or other activities I felt I was contributing something to their lives by introducing them to the concepts of sportsmanship, and team playing. It was rewarding for me to help resolve issues that would come up. Sports management is a field that in my opinion needs some integrity pumped into it. With million dollar…… [Read More].

Attitudes and Values of High School Students. Additionally, the reason why students need not be involved in the planning of reforms is elucidated. They have quite a few common traits -- they behave as individuals of their own age group in a rather full-fledged way. They are go-getting to achieve their independence, they are show-offs, impressionable persons desiring to be their best something to be learned and to suit the times they live in. Their self-esteem is fragile and they are pretty sensitive to criticism, attention, and dilemmas, for instance, within their families.

Students from different socioeconomic backgrounds behave differently as has been…… [Read More]. Food and Beverage Management. Food and Beverage Management Articles eview myriad of ingredients go into the stew that is successful food and beverage service, including: And moreover, a vitally essential component which completes the recipe for food and beverage success is a terrific staff, which springs from the planning that goes into finding talent, followed by the training and maintenance of staff excellence through intelligent processes.

This paper reviews those issues, and the research which delves into how notably competent H and hands-on management can bring - and keep - high-caliber employees on board successfully. To often today,…… [Read More]. Motivation in Sport Take a look at the animal world and you will find the proof that game is an inherent feature of the virtually evaluated species.

This has an important part in literacy and evolution. We witness many a mock fights between kittens and pups so as to enhance their stamina, speed, tolerance and will. Through such hatred free games, they rub their hands for survival and satisfy their urge for challenge and ecstasy.

The human species is not just a species of animals based on reason. There is an unquenchable thirst in the humans for wisdom, truth and joy. These spiritual features are the ones which differentiate human beings from animals. In the proceeding development of human civilization, sports and games have had a part in revealing the human ability.

Sportmanship can take you high in life. People who have good sportsmanship have better games. Sportsmanship can do a lot for your future. You can be recognized for all sorts of things, such as awards, spots on your team, and maybe if you're lucky, you could even get a scholarship.

So having good sportsmanship can help you in the long run. There is also bad sportsmanship. Unfortunately, this route is taken far too often. It's easier to be a bad sport.

Bad sportsmanship is shown when you down another player, hurt someone on purpose or throw a fit because things don't go your way. Bad sportsmanship comes from not having the desire to give it whatever it takes. I think when you have bad sportsmanship you are upset or want to take the easy road. People who have bad sportsmanship on the courts are going to have bad attitudes off the courts. So bad sportsmanship can ruin things for you now and in the long run.

So next time you hear it's good to show sportsmanship you will understand why. Also remember "Dare to play fair! Also, having good sportsmanship will help you succeed in life.

Sportsmanship, by definition, is the qualities or conduct of a good sportsman, especially insistence on fair play accompanied by the capacity to win or lose gracefully, without arrogance in victory or whining in defeat. So what's involved in good sportsmanship? Start with a sense of fair play, instead of playing dirty or trying to beat the rules.

Show respect for others, rather than putting them down, finding fault, or promoting yourself at their expense. Humility fits into the picture, too. This comes down to not bragging or getting a big head when you score, not showing off, being big enough to ask for help, admit your mistakes, walk away, or just say I'm sorry.

The good sport also can take criticism without taking it personally. Sportsmanship requires that you show grace - for example, forgiving teammates who foul up, and sharing the spotlight when you're the hero.

You also have to remember it's not always important to be the hero, you just gotta play and work with your team, not in front of them. It calls for a sense of humor. Instead of taking yourself too seriously, make sure you can take a joke and laugh at yourself.

To be a good sport you must compromise and share, rather than having to get your way. You face many moments of truth on the sportsmanship issue. Like when you lose. When you don't get your way. When you're under pressure. Even during the daily routines of just doing your job and dealing with others.

Good sports grease the wheels of group interaction. They promote togetherness and harmony. Poor sports, on the other hand, put a strain on team relationships. And if people in the group have trouble getting along, the team can't come close to achieving its true potential.

Your character, your attitude are constantly on display. Teammates pay attention to how to handle yourself. Make sure they have no reason to charge you with unsportsmanlike conduct.

No selfishness, you win, you win. And you leave it at that. You can celebrate, but don't rub it in. You lose, well you just lose, that's all. I don't like people who get mad if somebody fouls 'em, or they get mad when they lose and blame it on someone on their team.

You have to realize that if you make a mistake, it's your mistake, and you can't pawn it off on someone else. I like people who play hard and put the team first. You don't ever do it by yourself. People appreciate a good sport.

Refs appreciate that extra little effort to hand them the ball instead of just letting it lie where it is. Give the other team a smile while shaking their hands after the game. Helping them up when they fall, giving a pat on the back and shaking their coach's hand are all appreciated and will probably be returned with the same kindness. After all, good sportsmanship is contagious.

The pivotal sixth-grade soccer match had been aggressive and physical.

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Sportsmanship does not mean only taking part in sports and playing the game in conformity with the rules prescribed, but also playing the game of life in the spirit imbibed on the playing fields. A true sportsman is he who observes all those rules in life which he has been taught to observe in games.

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Sportsmanship Essay Sportsmanship (or sometimes sportspersonship) is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.

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- Sportsmanship Sportsmanship is the character, practice, or skill of a person involved in sports. This includes the participant, the parents, the coaches, and all spectators. Sportsmanlike conduct includes fairness, courtesy, learning to be a good loser, being competitive without rude behavior, or experiencing any ill feelings toward the opponent. Sportsmanship also means that if you lose, don't get really mad and start saying bad things about the other team you just tell them that they did a good job and be cool with it. In gym class our teammates just cheer us on no matter how good or bad we do.

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Definition Essay on Sportsmanship Abstract Although it is very common to mention the term Sportsmanship during any sports event, very few individuals are actually familiar with the true definition of the word. Sportsmanship is very important when you play sports and are involved in other activities. When you have sportsmanship, you have better games. You don't get angry when calls don't go your way. Also, you get along better with everyone, including your opponents. When you use good sportsmanship you have a chance at better teamwork and a good .