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Snowboarding Terms

Snowboarding Lingo

❶Boned Out — To straighten one or both legs during an aerial for extra style. Stands for Federation Internationale de Ski, the international organization of ski sports.

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Flex – Term used to describe the snowboard’s stiffness and pattern of how it flexes. It refers to longitudinal flex (flex of the length) and torsional flex (flex of the width). It refers to longitudinal flex (flex of the length) and torsional flex (flex of the width).

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Stick: Another name for a snowboard or a term used to describe making a good landing. Stiffy: Jumping with both legs straight while grabbing the frontside. Stinky: Riding with the legs spread open and knees apart.

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Snowboarding is an increasingly common winter sport throughout the world where participants strap a composite board to their feet and slide down a snow-covered mountain. A snowboarder's equipment consists of: . Involving the basic snowboarding, equipment used, and the enviroment encountered when learning to snowboard at a ski resort. Basic Snowboarding Terminology: Snowboarding Terminology: Snowboarding is in its most basic definition, is the combination of a rider standing sideways on a snowboard, gravity and a slipery slope.

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Glossary of Ski Terms. Skiing and snowboarding are two of the greatest winter sports on the planet, and like anything else in this world the two sports have certain terms and jargon that can be confusing without a bit of definition. Slope: A slope is an area of snowy hill that is designated for skiing/snowboarding on. Slush: Wet snow, snow that is melting. Snow Canon/Snow Machine: Machines on the .