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❶Payperpost sucks though, been a member for over a year and had nothing through it!

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Writing a movie review has never been so easy
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If you are a gifted writer who's also fairly knowledgeable on TV and movies, then you will love today's post! I've done a lot of research to find a list of 5 different sites that are regularly on the lookout for people to create content based around TV shows and movies. Before we begin, some things to keep in mind.

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You may Google ‘looking for writers’ or ‘getting paid for writing’, suffixed by the kind of content you are keen to write about, such as ‘movies.’ For example, there is a site called AnimationArena which pays you to write reviews on Movies, Video Games, and even Comic Books.

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A few weeks ago, Criticwire wrote about a site that solicits payment from reviews from filmmakers themselves, and today, I received (twice!) the following email: Hey Sam, My name is Jake and I’m a marketing associate for Riot Studios’ newest film, Believe Me. Writing these reviews is also great fun for any movie buff. It gives you the chance to talk about your passion and to show off your expertise. At the same time, you can actually get paid to write movie reviews, if you go about it correctly.

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Learning How to Write a Movie Review Online. When it comes to writing and publishing online, movie reviews couldn’t be simpler. There’s certainly a general format that you’ll want to develop and follow when writing movie reviews. And if your biggest dream is not to get paid for writing movie reviews but rather writing for fun and. Writing a movie review is a full-time job for some and part-time for some others, either way, these guys have joined the club of entertainers who enjoy all the bucks made from movies. So if analyzing movies is your forte or born prodigy and you have a writing skill to augment it, then you are set to start making money from writing movie reviews.