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❶Archival research allows you to explore and explain the changes happening over a long span of time.

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Ive been experimenting with and researching supplements for years, but I have yet to find a weight loss supplement that actually works. There are a few that appear to be mildly effective. This includes Caffeine, Green Tea and Glucomannan (a fiber that can reduce appetite). However, the results are usually weak and inconsistent and certainly nothing to get excited about.

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The research onion provides an effective progression through which a research methodology can be designed. Its usefulness lies in its adaptability for almost any type of research methodology and can be used in a variety of contexts (Bryman, ).

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Research Onion as Framework The research onion is used in explaining the research methodology for the study with the research onion framework adopted from Saunders & Lewis (). This is presented in figure

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Whilst Fig. 1: The research onion it is not possible to describe or discuss all Source: ©Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis and Adrian Thornhill (), adapted with permission REFERENCES: (*1) Saunders, M, Lewis, P and Thornhill, A () Research Methods for Mark N.K. Saunders BA MSc PGCE PhD FCIPD is Professor of Business Research . How to choose a research methodology? MSc Business Information Systems Project 1: Applying Research Methodologies Research Onion 4 (Saunders et al. ) MSc Business Information Systems 2. primary data = input data of a research method secondary data = derived data (resulting from a research method)

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Saunders’ research onion is a generic research procedure which helps the analyst, depict issues underpinning the selection of data collection and research methods. Research onion helps in systematic study of the methods involved in executing a research to its success. Research onion is used to understand the process of research that is used by the researcher. There are some layers in the research onion which are used in conducting the study for the dissertation or thesis.