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Rights of the Child essay


❶They are ignorant and deserve our love. Every other sentence in the paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.

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Children’s Rights Essay Sample
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They are right to shelter, right to food, right to health care, right to education, right to expression, right to games and so on. Child rights are very important to enhance human dignity and prosperity. In Nepal, the condition of children is not uniform. There are many children who cannot go to school. Some of them are the children of the poor parents. Their parents compel them to go to work.

Because of poverty, they cannot have a balanced diet and are not properly cared. Orphans and street children are in a miserable condition. They cannot get even simple food to live on.

Most of them beg walking door to door. We can see many boys sleeping on the pavements of the roadsides or the temples and other public places. Their condition is worse than a dog. Some poor children are kept by the rich as their servants. Some children seem to be working as the house boys and girls in the cities.

Some of the children are working at hotels and factories. They are not enjoying their rights. But most of the children go to school for their education. They are not in a miserable condition. They are normally enjoying their rights and freedom. Thus prevailing disparity hinders child rights in Nepal. They especially support the children who are orphans, street children, uncared, unloved and unclaimed. The organizations support them by providing education, health care, balanced diet, even shelter and clothes.

Some of the schools have been established for them. Some of the children who seem to be collecting cans, bottles, plastics, etc. They are given technical education like tailoring, carpentry, paper work, etc. In order to promote child rights in Nepal, all he sectors concerned should pay their complete attention. Firstly, the children should be provided basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes, etc. The discrimination between sons and daughters should be avoided.

The parents who are uneducated think that education is necessary only for boys, but not for girls. They don not want to send their daughters to schools.

It was however encouraging that more children on primary schools felt that they were involved in decision making than those in secondary schools, giving them a sense of involvement as they are the most likely to feel that their views are not taken seriously because of their age.

Article 2 lays the duty on member states to ensure that all children enjoy their rights without discrimination irrespective of their race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status UNCRC In , the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child raised the alarm that a plan of action to defend the rights of vulnerable children in the UK had not been developed,, stating further that unequal enjoyment of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights, still existed for children with disabilities, children from poor families, Irish and Roma travelers children, refugee and asylum seekers, children of minority groups, children in the care system, detained children and children aged between 16 to 18 UN Committee In when the UK government was notified to take a more practical approach in raising the awareness about vulnerable children as well as prevention of their discrimination, the same concerns were brought up UN Committee However, the implementation of this provision is yet to be anywhere near achieved.

Even in places where there were complaint procedures, they are not always utilized. The other concern regarding complaints procedure is lack of confidentiality in the process where children are afraid of being harassed when they were discovered to have reported incidences where their rights were being infringed on, because the consequences of ,making the complaints would be worse that the problem being complained about.

The children interviewed also said that there was nothing that would change even after making complaints when their rights were violated CRAE In the same report, a child from a minority ethnic group expressed the concern that reporting incidents of abuse of child rights was a difficult thing, giving the examples of abuse by a teacher and a policeman; for a teacher you complain to the headmaster whereas for a policeman you report to a policeman of a higher rank. Often, the people to whom complaints are made take the side of their colleague in order to safeguard their reputation, therefore demoralizing the children from making complaints when their rights are violated.

Refugee children and children seeking asylum have an even greater problem in accessing complaint procedures due to lack of legal representation and are constantly worried that they might not be able to access basic needs, leave alone complain about the quality of those services.

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Children's Rights Essay - At the onset, early in the seventeenth century, children suffered corporal punishment at the hands of their parents and educational institutions and, moreover, under the governing rules of religious institutions, children were abandoned, sexually abused and sometimes killed.

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Protection rights protect the children against exploitation and abuse for the best interest of the child while in participatory rights; children take part in decisions concerning their lives and a right to freedom of conscious and to hold an opinion.

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They put together the Convention on the Rights of the Child, placing children's rights on the world's agenda. The Convention had promised children around the . | The Rights of the Child | | * Children's Rights in India 1. Children right of protection Child sexual and emotional abuse in India C hildren abuse is considered as a serious phenomenon in many countries around the world in which a person below the age of eighteen is .

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Essay Protecting African Children's Rights has the greatest proportion of its popularity are children, who are living in extreme poverty. Due to the inevitable existence of poverty in their countries, many of the children are unfortunately deprived of their own human rights. Children’s Rights Essay Sample. Topic Sentence It is the first sentence in the paragraph. It states the main idea or main point of the paragraph. What are you going to prove? It should relate to the question and/or the contention that you stated in your introduction. Every other sentence in the paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.