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Topics About the Abuse of Animals for a Research Paper

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Topics About Animal Cloning
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In some cases, animals have been hunted to extinction or near extinction. Such hunting can devastate animal populations especially among those animals that are slow to breed Clarke, Notably, some species that have been hunted near extinction have been revived, such as the North American Bison, which has been thriving in small numbers in the western United States Lulka, In other cases the overpopulation of one type of animal can cause problems in the ecosystem. For example, the overabundance of white-tailed deer in the United States has had significant detrimental ecological, environmental, and social impacts.

Here hunters might be viewed as providing a service to the community and to the deer population because they thin the herds, which, in turn, reduces stress on the environment and strengthens the breeding stock of the deer population Ward et al.

In addition, the demand and sale of wildlife products such as ivory have long fueled the hunting and killing or mistreatment of animals. Societies have enshrined animals in their arts, literature, and media. Paintings of animals have been found in prehistoric caves and the depiction of animals in art continues into modern times. Animals such as rare birds and others considered exotic or mysterious have been romanticized by numerous artists Rhodes, Many of these images have been considered a form of entertainment, such as sculptured giant pandas or cows displayed on the streets and in the parks of large urban areas Broglio, Many artists who specialize in wildlife art have donated millions of dollars of the proceeds of the sales of their art to support animal-related causes Milius, Animals have long had roles in entertainment venues such as circus acts.

As electronic communications technology evolved animals have remained a staple in entertainment and are now used in television shows and movies. Wildlife films have become very popular on television and have been a favorite of viewing audiences since they appeared in movie theaters in the 's and 's Lovejoy, There are several television channels that offer extensive programming covering animals; these include the Nature Channel, Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic television.

Since the end of World War II, human-animal relationships have changed in industrialized nations more so than in the nonindustrialized nations of the world. There has been a rapidly growing interest in animal welfare in the industrialized nations but in the nonindustrialized nations, human-animal relationships and the emphasis on animal exploitation have remained largely the same.

The demographics of industrialized nations shifted more to an urban environment with a food-service industry and supply-chain system that has allowed the status of urban animals to move from food source to pet. There have also been numerous animal-welfare groups established and numerous animal-welfare laws enacted Tuomivaara, ; Medina, The concept of animal welfare has become more widespread since the middle of the twentieth century.

Animal welfare initially considered the animal's physiological needs such as food, appropriate shelter, and adequate surroundings. However, there is not a universal agreement on what constitutes an appropriate measure of animal welfare, and, not surprisingly, the various affected parties, i.

The lives and survival of humans and animals have been intertwined throughout history. As much of the world moves into an industrial or postindustrial economy the relationships between humans and animals remain as strong as ever, although the natures of the relationships have changed in several ways.

Humans have had dogs and cats living with them in a domesticated manner for thousands of years as companions, hunters, and guards. Humans and their pets often form family-like bonds. The healing power of animal products has long been known. Animal products have been used in making medicines for thousands of years. It has also become widely accepted that animals can play a role in healthcare and healing for physical as well as psychological ailments.

Animals have provided considerable positive healthcare benefits for a variety of people. The use of service animals that can assist people with vision or hearing impairments has become commonplace.

Although there is some skepticism, it has been found that some dogs are capable of detecting cancer in humans Cross, There has been a considerable body of research developed on the role of pets or companion animals in modern society and much of the recent research has focused on the positive impact on the physical and mental health of pet owners Poresky, et al, ; Hennings, ; Flynn, Clearly, having contact with animals through animal assisted therapy programs has proved to have a positive impact on improving health in conjunction with traditional forms of therapy for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder Lefkowitz, et al.

It has also been found that some patients show improvement in mental health after spending time on farms where there are animals "Can I," Research shows that contact with pets can have a positive impact in moderating rates of suicide among some abused women Fitzgerald, It has also been found that prison inmates that participate in prison-based animal programs PAPs benefit both psychosocially and physically by being associated with animal-assisted therapy Furst, Other research shows that there is a very complex relationship between pet ownership and how much people laugh; that dogs provide a type of friendship that increases laughter and subsequently a positive impact on health Valeri, Writing a research paper on animals offers a wealth of options, as more than 62, species of vertebrate animals are known -- which includes mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles and amphibians.

You can write an informative paper on animals, designed to persuade the reader toward one position or another, or you can discuss a personal interest related to animals. Research paper topics can provide a wide range of information about rain forests. Rain forests cover only 6 percent of the Earth's surface, yet 50 percent of the world's animals live in them, which includes some 30 million animal and plant species that live in tropical rainforests.

Topics can include research into the many animals that are either threatened or endangered due to deforestation. Research paper topics can also provide information about the types of animals living in the rain forest. This includes the okapi, mandrills, the colobus monkey, gorillas, the drill and chimpanzees.

The ethical treatment of animals in research can explore the defense or criticism of animal testing. An informative research paper topic can include a history of animal regulation for research animals, or the principles of protection of animal subjects.

Research can look into the minimization of pain and suffering, species-appropriate housing and care, the need for veterinary personnel, as well as the qualifications of investigators. Further ethical research topics can include legal and regulatory framework, such as a discussion on the introduction of the Animal Welfare Act of The benefit of animals -- especially dogs, as service animals for people -- is a growing movement.

There is a good way to manage your research work effectively and get the best results from it. Below you will find some helpful guidelines to organize your writing process and be ready even with quite a voluminous research paper on time. You professor will appreciate it. As you have decided what you want to research and write about, it is important to understand what exactly can become the subject and the main focus of your writing.

You see, that sentence or, to be more precise, the clever combination of words which we can call a topic for your paper, is very abstract in its essence. On the one hand, it implies the general idea of your research and defines the direction for your work. So, first of all you need to sit down and make a list of questions which could help you see clearly what aspects your topic covers and what you need to find out about them.

You may ask yourself:. You know well that you can hardly write a good academic paper without some really smart literature. In order to orient yourself better in the vast variety of books and articles that can greatly help you with your writing, at first you can find one or two articles and then look for those sources which the authors of these articles refer to.

After you have defined what your topic may imply and collected a good deal of reliable literature, you can make a plan for your paper. Divide it into several parts devoted to particular issues or aspects of the research. Do not start writing with the introductory part. It will be much easier to complete it after you come up with the conclusions.

Topics About Animal Behavior The notion of animal behavior: Policies of agricultural production affected by animal behavior. The evolutionary grounds of animal behavior. Ethology as a study of animal behavior. The processes of animal sheltering. Feeding habits in animal behavior.

The ways of animals expressing their emotions. The theories of Darwin in animal behavior study. The factors influencing the animal behavior. The principles of primate behavior. How does modern technology impact animal behavior?

The modifications of animal behavior made by technologies.

20 Topics on Behavioral Ecology for a Research Essay

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Research papers are designed to have you research a main topic and draw a conclusion about the subject based on your research. You are then asked to prove your thesis with solid evidence to back it up. This evidence will include information that you find during your research. Your thesis is the main point of writing the essay.

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Present in your research paper how we can recognize an albino animal, and how is it different from the others. The smartest animal on earth. Your zoology paper can be really fun if you choose this topic; compare different animals.

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Writing a research paper on animals offers a wealth of options, as more than 62, species of vertebrate animals are known -- which includes mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles and amphibians. More than million invertebrate animal species are known, including insects, spiders and scorpions, crustaceans, coral and mollusks. The research paper about animals can be written about animal communication, behavior, rights, and cloning. Check our article for more topics.

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Animal abuse stems from a lack of proper treatment and appropriate conditions for animals. Animal rights groups emphasize keeping animals free from hunger, thirst, pain, disease and distress. Such groups argue that these needs are sometimes not met in situations in which animals are used for food or. In this article you are presented with research essay topics on animal behaviour. You will get your assignment on time with our research essay topics on animal behaviour.