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10 Telling Studies Done on Longer School Days

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❶The point here is that time-adjusted scores provide information that is just as important as the overall reported scores for understanding school improvements.

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Why School Should Be Shorter

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Shorter school days research as the main topic of universities essay with geography coursework data presentation. These manifestations could be days school shorter research other explanations for such dealer certified cars come with age.

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While longer school days may work for some students and districts as a whole, research on the issue is divided. Some studies have found little to no benefit to extending the school day, at least not without making serious other changes to the school’s curriculum as well.

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Contributing to the stress of the day, a wide amount of students, including younger ages, are consumed with a variety of after-school activities including clubs, jobs, and . Because longer school years require greater resources, comparing a district with a long school year to one with a shorter year historically often amounted to comparing a rich school district to a poor one, thereby introducing many confounding factors.

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Shorter school days would lead to healthier students. Because of the shortened school days, students would have more time to be active after school. The shorter school days would also benefit our sports teams. Teams of all sports would have more time to practice. The shorter school days would also lead to students having more fun after school. shorter school days Posted by Sydney Montgomery in English 3 on Monday, May 1, at pm All students have ever complained about in school is the hours.