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Inequality Essays (Examples)

Social stratification essay

❶Race, Ethnicity and the Paradox of U. Inequality in Condo Advertising the.

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Interview Assignment on Social Inequality

So I settled for someone from the lower class as this is the class which is viewed to have many challenges in society. My interviewee and I belonged to the same gender and age bracket, thus this made him very comfortable to share his experience with me. The interview was recorded. Social inequality can be defined as a condition where people are exposed to unequal opportunities depending on their social positions in a society.

However, it should be clear that the stratification is a societal characteristic, not individual, and can be carried over generations. There are many systems of social stratification such as slavery, caste system and the class system. Sociologically, the class system is referred to as the socioeconomic status, because it combines both social and economic factors.

As I asked my questions, my interviewee was easy and ready to share his experience with me. Since he belonged to the lower class, he told me he had to work extra harder to overcome many obstacles in order to change his socioeconomic status.

According to Marx, there are two main classes in society: The capitalists owned the means of production while the workers sold their labor to earn a living. Marx used his theory to describe a capitalist society where individuals are only concerned about their own success. When incorporating this theory into society, the capitalists are found at the upper class with full possession of wealth, power and prestige.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the middle class have greater access to opportunities as compared to the lower class. Luckily, an individual is not condemned to stay in the socioeconomic status they are born in forever as they can move out of it through things such as education or marriage. Moving from one societal class to the other is termed as social mobility. They are taken to the best schools and hospitals in the world, and they will never sleep hungry.

As such, they tend to stay comfortable and in most cases are nurtured in a way to maintain the status quo. On the contrary, those of the lower classes in society have to work extra harder so as to get access to such opportunities.

For instance, a child of the lower class can only get access to the best schools if they perform exceptionally well in school and are awarded a scholarship.

Critics though have come out to dispute claims that anyone can attain material success if they work hard simply because society does not expose us to equal opportunities. Therefore, it is only fare if those in governance can make grounds favorable for the less privileged in society to compete equally with the privileged. In conclusion, I have really learnt a lot from the interview process, having had it with someone of a different social status from mine. So why does gender inequality still exists?

Its a long interval of gender differences, including roles of biology, gender socialization, and findings from other cultures. Also the different forms of gender inequalities suchs as women in the workplace, inequalities at work, and the gender pay gap take a huge toll on gender inequalities. As the differences between girls and boys are explored, the differences between men and women are also explored.

Many scientist say that nature vs. Intro to Soc Only because a woman is not built like a man does not mean she is more weak. Only because men were not exposed to more cooking and cleaning as much as a woman or young girl is, does not mean that woman or man is incapable of doing it.

When thinking of the differences concerning men and women its hard to compare the behavioral differences to an overall audience. Depending on the different cultures, women and men have different morals and behaviors. For example women in Iraq are held as property to their husband, also in some Muslim countries, some women are stoned to death for wrongdoings.

These example show complete inequality differences between men and women. For examples, as humans we are trained to think that woman can not perform strenuous work, its up to men to perform difficult task. These stereotypes are the ones that create gender inequalities and make it unfair for women to gain equal rights. I agree with this statement, usually men are more confrontational because men always look to be the Alpha male.

When women are in a confrontation, more women will be more sneaky and rather talk than just fight physically. When it comes to the different forms of gender inequality, there are many different forms and disadvantages mainly pertaining to women. The first most common is women in the workplace, women in the workplace have more disadvantages than men.

Another disadvantage would be the gender gap and pay. Men tend to receive a way higher pay than women. Each of these are examples of gender inequality, in the workplace it can be found most typical due to the stereotypical judgements of women working.

The gender gap payment has a great affect on gender inequalities, since men are paid more this creates a glass ceiling for women trying to advance in the career path. Many women stereotypes claim that its family issues holding back our women from reaching higher levels. Many assume that if a women is a single mother, divorced, or divorcing this may take an effect on her work ability. In society when it comes to gender and family, each gender is expected to have a certain type of role.

When it comes to family there are many different types and levels. Usually in a family women are expected to take care of the children and men are expected to work and provide. In this modern day society women usually do both, work and take care of their family. Since the beginning of humankind women were suppose to bare the children and men were suppose to provide for the family. Since this though was considered since the begnning of mankind its hard to earse this thought.

Still til this day, women mainly do the cooking while men provide. Since women are mainly thought of being in the kitchen, its hard for men to picture women in the workfield.

Since the beginning of time women have been thought of as the housekeepers. When World War II came around things changed and women had to step up to the plate. Ads such as Rosie the Riveter promoted women to get jobs and work outside the household. Before this time the life for a woman was boring and just an endless cycle of the same tasks.

During the s and s a spring of debates and research formed on family from feminist viewing this topic. Before feminist began to look t the value of family, the researched typically focused on the kinship and family ties and how society affects them. Many feminist argued that there was an unequal power instilled in the families and that more family benefitted more than the other.

There are three spectrums that feminist found important when examining the importance of family.

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- The purpose of this essay is to firstly give an overview of the existence of inequalities of health related to ethnicity, by providing some evidence that ethnic inequality in health is a reality in the society and include definitions of keywords.

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Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Social Inequality Essay There are currently a number of various social inequalities that face our society as of today. These issues range from social control, .