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8 exercises for strengthening your business writing

When we know the recipient’s name:

❶Yep, it's a lot. It has a similar meaning to 'We would appreciate it if', but is even politer.

Use the Right Vocabulary

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Sellng Odd Items Cris. This worksheet is intended for students to work on improvisation when they need to prepare a pitch or speech to sell an item. It can turn out to be very funny as the items in this activity are un Singular and Plural Agreement missbluebird. As I have noticed that more and more of my French students neglect agreement in the plural and singular in English, I have created this worksheet to try and remedy it.

Its topic is work and compan Information Gap Activity Susana. Business English Pairwork information gap activity to review present simple with lots of speaking. Put BusyTeacher in your inbox. Budgeting and Getting Finance akrateia. A list of 40 questions about getting finance, drawing a budget etc. The purpose is to activate words students should know at intermediate level but may not be able to use owing to lack of practice This is a simple PowerPoint presentation compiled of common telephone vocabulary and phrases in English.

Great for business students, general English and graduating high school students. Budget and Getting Finance akrateia. Questions about drawing a budget and getting finance. The purpose is to prompt students to activate the business vocabulary they know, while practicing collocations. These questions can be used a Developing Professional Networks corinne hoffert. Another multiple choice vocabulary exercise for business or computing classes with the key.

This exercise can lead to interesting discussions on how to expand your social network, and how useful g E Commerce Keys corinne hoffert. I find it always better to have the answers. As we are providing worksheets for busy teachers , it is r Business English - Running a Business Questions akrateia. Wide range of questions and activities including: I made a very informal and funny presentation to show my students titles and how to address people properly.

I hope you all like it, and please, modify it as you like. For this presentation, I add Real Estate Basics ruichan. This worksheet is a compilation of four exercises I found on English for Real Estate. Body of Letter — this is the purpose of the letter. Should be clear and concise, with more than one paragraph. Lesson Printable Materials - Worksheets.

Print out the example pages and worksheets for use with this lesson: Business Letter Example An example of a business letter. Do you have a recommendation for an enhancement to this business writing lesson, or do you have an idea for a new lesson? Then leave us a suggestion. What makes this phrase formal is the use of 'could' instead of 'can', and the use of 'please', 'To confirm' has two types of uses. The first, is when you require confirmation e.

In this case, this phrase is followed by a 'whether statement' 'whether' is exactly the same as 'if', but is used in formal language , i. The second use is when you want information or details about something.

It isn't followed by a 'whether statement', i. A polite phrase that introduces the section of the email where you ask the person your questions, is. Which we hope you could answer: This generally follows 'We have a number of questions'. A more direct way to say this would be 'Please answer the following questions: A more neutral way to say the same would be 'I just have a few questions about Now that you understand the vocabulary of writing a formal business email or letter of request and structure, practise them by writing an email yourself.

This is me, Chris Clayton, the owner and main writer for Blair English. I'm also a part-time English teacher in sunny Spain. I have a love of history and the web. I hope you find the website useful. Formal email of request exercise. Use a Good Structure Fortunately, the structure of a formal email of request is very simple: Then in the next section, you ask them the questions or requests. And finally in the last section, you finish the email by saying when you require the information or things by and thank them in advance for doing what you've asked.

Use the Right Vocabulary The second and more difficult part of writing a good formal email of request is how you ask for things and what you write. I would really appreciate it if you could deal with these matters urgently. I look forward to hearing from you.

The quiz comes after this ad. Improve the vocabulary you use in your emails Click to see a list of words and phrases to make all your writing sound more professional. A formal way to say that you ' asked the person for ' something before, is clarify we requested We would be very grateful if.

A formal way to say in an email ' we are thinking about ' doing something, is which we hope you could answer Could you also please confirm we are considering.

A more formal way to say in an email ' also ', is In addition In particular We require. A politer way to say ' we want ', is which we hope you could answer We would appreciate it if you could forward this to us We require. A phrase like ' specifically ', which is used to say exactly what information you want them to give you, is First of all In addition In particular.

A verb used to ask the person to ' explain ' something to you, is clarify we requested we are considering. A formal way to say that ' you would be pleased ' if they do something for you, is which we hope you could answer we requested We would be very grateful if.

How you begin a question when you want the person to tell you if something will happen or is included or not, is We would appreciate it if you could forward this to us Could you also please confirm we are considering.

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Letter writing exercises for Business English students to help them expand their vocabulary communicate more easily with clients and customers.

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Practical Exercises for Better Business Writing Jack Swenson A FIFTY-MINUTE™ SERIES BOOK CRISP PUBLICATIONS, INC. Menlo Park, California. WRITING FITNESS Practical Exercises for Better Business Writing Jack Swenson CREDITS Editor: Michael Crisp “How to Write a Business Letter” by Malcolm Forbes, and “How to Punctuate” by Russell.

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How to complete the exercise. The letter has grammar and spelling mistakes. You have to find the mistakes and correct them. Business letter to exercise. Find the mistakes and rewrite the letter. February 21th. Dear Alan Thompson. Thank you for your letter from February 18 and for your interest in . Extra Practice Activities; Life Grammar Practice Worksheets; Multilingual and monolingual word lists. Monolingual word lists; Life Word Lists - Dutch Version; Pre-Intermediate Business Writing MB: Intermediate Business Writing MB: Advanced Business Writing

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This exercise will give you practice in eliminating wordiness from workplace memos, letters, emails, and reports. Before attempting the exercise, you may find it helpful to review these two articles: Practice in Cutting the Clutter; Top Ten Editing Tips for Business Writers; Instructions: The following sentences are . Opinions vary, but for general business writing we aim for: Words per sentence: Fewer than 20; Percentage of passive sentences: Less than 5 percent; Flesch Reading Ease: Greater than 50; Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: Between eight and 10 (no mass-market publications are above 12) Exercise: This one is a three-part exercise. First, turn on the spelling, grammar and readability checkers in your word .