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Essay: We Must Address Prescription Painkiller Addiction

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For instance, some people mix alcohol and Valium, both of which can slow breathing. The combination of the two could stop breathing altogether. Cough and cold medications are some of the most commonly abused over the counter medications. They contain an ingredient called dextromethorphan. At high doses, dextromethorphan causes side effects similar to those of the drugs Ketamine, or PCP, by affecting similar sites to the brain.

When taken as directed, over the counter drugs are safe and effective, but high doses can cause problems. For example, antibiotics are not addictive. On the rare occasion people who take drugs for medical conditions may become addicted. Both of which reduce the likelihood of an addiction. Long-term medical use of prescription drugs can lead to physical dependence, because the brain and the body naturally adapt to chronic drug exposure.

A person may need larger doses of the drug to achieve the same initial effects, which is known as tolerance. When drug use is stopped, withdrawal symptoms can occur. Dependence is not the same as addiction. The risks for addiction increase when drugs are used in ways other than prescribed. Physicians, their patients, and pharmacists all play a role in identifying and preventing prescription drug abuse. More than eighty percent of Americans had contact with a healthcare professional in the past year, placing doctors in a position not only to prescribe medications, but also to identify abuse.

By asking about all drugs, physicians can help their patients recognize that a problem exists, set recovery goals, and seek appropriate treatment. Screening for prescription drug abuse can also be incorporated into routine medical visits. Doctors should take note of rapid increases in the amount of medication needed and unscheduled refill requests. Patients can also take steps to ensure that they use prescription drugs appropriately.

Patients should always inform their healthcare professionals about all prescriptions, over the counter medications, and dietary or herbal supplements they are taking before they obtain any other medication. Pharmacists also play a very important role in preventing drug abuse. Pharmacists dispense medications and can help patients understand the directions for taking them. Some pharmacies have developed hotlines to alert other pharmacies in the region when a fraudulent prescription is detected.

Prescription drug monitoring programs PDMPs require physicians and pharmacists to log each filled prescription into a State database. This can assist medical professionals in identifying patients who are getting prescriptions from multiple sources. Sign up for news and updates from the Foundation!

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a non-profit, international drug education program proudly sponsored by the Church of Scientology and Scientologists all over the world. To learn more, click here. Who We Are About the Foundation. Start this Course How much do you really know about prescription drug abuse?

Flip through the Booklet. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Opioids and Morphine Derivatives. Opioids and Morphine Derivatives Effects. Abuse of Over-the-counter Drugs. We must guard against an over-reliance on prescription painkillers as a default in treating pain. We must find the root causes of pain problems and treat them with the best possible options, even if it takes longer to see results.

Lawmakers can also help. Give doctors a chance to make a difference in our communities. Finally, to my patients, you have a role in this as well. A potentially addictive drug is not a panacea. You must push yourselves to lose the excess weight. And to walk regularly. Even a small amount of exercise can minimize pain.

If there is an upside to his loss, it is that the suit could force a long overdue paradigm shift in how powerful painkillers are prescribed. The loss of any child, especially one so talented, is tragic. But there is a small window of hope for the Boogaard family their loss will be a bellwether event for the rest of us.

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Free prescription drugs papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays for - Prescription Drug Abuse When people hear of prescription drug abuse they think of people that do not have a prescription using the drug for other reasons but this is not always the case. People that get a prescription, .

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When we think of drug addicts and abuse we normally think of people who take the common street drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroine, or other illegal drugs. However most people don't realize or take seriously the growing number of abusers of prescription drugs currently in our country.

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It is clear that prescription drug abuse is the intentional use of a medication without a prescription used in the way other than prescribed; as a result the drug is used for a experience or feeling it causes. Addressing the prescription drug abuse epidemic could help build stronger communities and allow those with substance abuse disorders to lead healthier, more satisfying lives. A crucial step in overcoming the problem of prescription drug abuse is to first educate parents, youth, and patients, about the dangers of abusing these drugs.

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Prescription Drug Abuse essays. Teens and Prescription Drugs: Availability, Accessibility, and Abuse Teens and Prescription Drugs: Availability, Accessibility, and Abuse Jamila . Free Essay: One of the fastest growing problems in America today is the abuse of prescription drugs. In the past 10 years, the misuse of prescribed.