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mount etna homework help
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The ash and rocks that erupted out of Mount Vesuvius buried nearby towns and killed more than 1, people. Mount Vesuvius is dormant today.

Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. What is a volcano? Volcanoes are big holes that let out hot gasses , ash and magma from deep inside the Earth. Many volcanoes are mountains , made up of layers of lava and ash. Many volcanoes have several vents — a main one, and secondary ones that branch off the main vent.

The Earth has three layers — the crust at the very top, then the mantle , then the core at the very middle of the planet. The largest active volcano in the world is Mauna Loa, on the Hawaiian islands.

When a volcano erupts, magma comes up and out through the vents. Depending on how thick the magma is, volcanoes can be different shapes such as shield , composite or dome. Ash from volcanoes is very good for growing things. It adds nutrients to the soil. The Earth has three layers: About 50 volcanoes erupt every year! The largest active volcano is Mauna Loa. Most volcanoes can be found in countries that have coastlines on the Pacific Ocean — this is called the Ring of Fire.

Gas, ash and magma can come out of volcanoes. Most of the gas that comes out of volcanoes is poisonous. Some volcanoes are underwater! The largest volcano in Europe is Mount Etna in Sicily. Other famous volcanic eruptions in history are: Seismic activity in this eruption caused the eastern flanks of the volcano to slip by up to two metres, and many houses on the flanks of the volcano got structural damage. The eruption also completely destroyed the Rifugio Sapienza, on the southern flank of the volcano.

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Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. It is on the island of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. (Sicily is a part of Italy.) Mount Etna is about 11, feet (3, meters) high. It has a base that measures about 93 miles ( kilometers) has been an active volcano for more than million years. The ancient Greeks .

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The highest active volcano in Europe is Mount Etna. It rises on the east coast of the island of Sicily. The name comes from the Greek word Aitne, which is from aithō, meaning “I burn.” Its topmost elevation is about 11, feet (3, meters), depending on the effects of its most recent eruption. More than eruptions have been recorded since . Mount etna homework help and essay writing with homework doesnt help The quizzes were effective at developing the potential of anchronous homework mount etna help communication is custom essay meister good.

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N. A pinot-know-nothing? It mount etna homework help is located in Italy, on the Gulf of Naples, about 9. Books to help with speech therapy. cover page of essay Mount Etna Homework Help scholarship essays for high school students discovery assessment.