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Fences by August Wilson - Essay Example

Essay title: Fences

❶How to cite this page Choose cite format: One should accept change and should prepare oneself to get the opportunity.

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In the mids, America was still experiencing a post-World War II economic boon, and could at last allow foreign affairs to take a back seat to domestic issues. The social climate was becoming increasingly heated with the Supreme Court decision Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, which ruled school segregation was unconstitutional. This landmark ruling ignited racial tensions across America, which had been slowly simmering for years.

The protagonist of "Fences" is former baseball player-turned Pittsburgh garbage man Troy Maxson, and the antagonist is clearly racism. It is racism which has defied Troy Maxson at every turn and his skin color stood in the way of his quest to grab a piece of the American dream for himself and his family.

Racism creates the conflict, which causes Troy to feel that he has been "fenced" in by a discriminatory society. It has heated tensions within the Maxson home between Troy and his wife, Rose, and Troy and his son Cory.

August Wilson establishes an impression of the year-old Troy Maxson early in Act I, writing that he is "a large man with thick, heavy hands; it is this largeness that he strives to fill out and make an accommodation with.

Together with his blackness, his largeness informs his sensibilities and the choices he has made in his life He can be crude and almost vulgar, though he is capable of rising to profound heights of expression" 1. The central focus of the play is clearly Troy -- his family relationships and his adulterous affair with Alberta. Troys family does not live in the lap of luxury, but Troy and his son Cory. August Wilson establishes an impression of the year-old Troy Maxson early in Act I, writing that he You live in my house.

In five pages the differences and similarities of these plays are discussed in an examination of whether Wilson's work is an Afric In nine pages the importance of the governing symbol of protecting oneself versus finding fulfillment in others is considered. In six pages this paper examines how symbolism is featured throughout this August Wilson play in male characterizations.

Fences is the study about the race and the family relationship during the transition period of late 20th century. Wilson portrays black man's life in the white community where dreams cannot be realized. The play is also about the change. When people's attitude or mentality changes, the change in real sense occurs. One should accept change and should prepare oneself to get the opportunity. Its main character, Troy Maxson, is a garbage collector who has taken great pride in keeping his family together and providing for them.

When the play opens he and his friend Bono are talking about Troy's challenge to the company and the union about black's ability to do the same easy work that whites do.

Troy's rebellion and frustration set the tone of the entire play: Troy's struggle for fairness becomes virtually mythic as he describes his wrestling with death during a bout with pneumonia in He describes a three-day struggle in which he eventually overcame his foe. Troy, a good baseball player who was relegated to the Negro leagues, sees death as nothing but a fastball, and he could always deal with a fastball. Both Bono and Troy's wife, Rose, show an intense admiration for him as he describes his ordeal.

The father-son relationship that begins to take a central role in the drama is complicated by strong feelings of pride and independence on both sides.

Troy's son Cory wants to play football, and Troy wants him to work on the fence he's mending.

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Fences, by August Wilson - Should a neglected, discriminated, and misplaced black man living in the mid s possessing a spectacular, yet unfulfilled talent for baseball be satisfied or miserable.

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"Fences" by August Wilson essays "Fences" is set in an African-American section of Pittsburgh, PA during the s and s. The play gets its title from the fence that the main character, Troy, is building for his wife Rose at the beginning of the play while chatting with his f.

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Essay on Fences, by August Wilson Words | 5 Pages. the context in which it is used. The play Fences by August Wilson, takes place during the late ’s through to , a period of time when the fights against segregation are barely blossoming results. Fences by August Wilson Words | 4 Pages. Fences, written by August Wilson, is a play about a man, named Troy, struggling to support his family during the late ’s.

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Winner of the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, a Tony Award, and a Pulitzer Prize, Fences is among the most honored plays by any American of August Wilson’s generation. Set in , it is. The Symbolic Importance of the Fence in August Wilson’s Fences Essay - Alan Nadel argues that the object of the fence in August Wilson’s play, “Fences” symbolizes a great struggle between the literal and figurative definitions of humanity and blackness.