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Art of Living: A Response to Nehamas - Research Paper Example


❶He also discussed various knowledge points as articulated by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from a neuro scientific perspective. We should learn to listen ourselves.

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This is his view. Instead of simply accepting it and there are other people who have simply done that while putting their point forward as well , you have lowered yourself to calling him names and ridiculing him. It is sad that because of such instances, it is AOL and Guruji who are made to look bad. My parents have allergy issues that causes respiratory problems. So, I thought SK should help them. But after one week of practicing it. I suddenly had terrible headache. Doubting it was caused by kriya, I stopped doing it and my BP came back to normal.

Then I found out my parents also had severe headache for days. I could see my parents were not doing the kriya as exactly told in the course but I think I was doing it quite well. I used to do lot of sheesh asana and other yoga. I think it definitely has some issues. Please reply if any one else had similar problems. Guys, I am an engineering student and no way a marketing agent and the reason why I love Guruji, is not because I have heard a lot about him and he brought these life changing courses within our reach.

But because he is a great person. The way he speaks, the way he works, flushes me with inspiration. And this message is for all those lovely critics who help guruji by filtering out the trash: If you had the nerve to explain the working behind sudarshan kriya i. I guess either you are definitely trying something very differrent apart from given instructions OR its good brain wash system which has made you do this………god bless your heart mate …..

I think you really need to understand one thing! And please do all the above things for ur own gud. Are you guys not supposed to be spiritually knowledgeable? They can not see two sides of the coin. Problem is not with Sudarshan Kriya..

You have to use normal gentle breath. For all others — stop criticizing if you are having a problem that is due to the fact that you are not doing it properly — talk to your AOL teacher. Remember lakhs or even crores of ppl are practicing it without difficulty.

Thanks for poting by Parthchoksi. I have also experienced lot of problems with sudarshan kriya. I have also tried with gentle breath as told by AOL teachers but of no use. After several practices my opinion is that this kriya has been designed wrongly. I also found many AOL teachers irritable and psychic in their approach to normal situations in life.

During AOL course they look and talk very ideal things. I respect Ravishankarji for some of his good messages but my experience with Sudarshan kriya is very negative. I have done basic AOL course. If you have found it unsuitable , you must stop it. One would feel the same way in all kinds of pranayams. In te conditions that you have explained , you would have such reactions after any kind of breathing excerises.

Every body is different. May be pranayams are not for you. You must go for other mild excercises in that case. For me it helped a lot really whenever i had done it in gaps.. Sk is nothing bt a patent content of aol which is Designed to make fool of dem who r suffering frm lack of attention, loneliness, lack of confidence as dey r easy targets.

It make me so worried dat due to dis blind faith people putting there life and health on the edge. Shri shri is a hardcore capitalist. One of my frnd is suffering from over conciousness, hyper tention, migraine, insomnia, body ache as she is constantly doing sk since long n she is still not ready to accept the fact that dis is affecting her health so badly, it seriously make me feel bad and helpless.

N the most idiotic thing I noticed in most of the aol followers they cn argue on baseless facts, I Dnt Knw what these teachers feed in there brain which make them so absent minded. Well, thank you so much guys for sharing your experiences I hope it will help me further. Many company like MNC Sr. Please stop this ASAP. Well even I have experienced the negative effects — not exactly due to the kriya but probably an already persistent condition which got aggravated by the kriya.

All these magical stories of body healing , BP normalizing , Sugar within control , asthma cure , heart problems disappearing so on and so forth didnt happen to me at least. I have read in many hindu scriptures that if all these meditation techniques are not done under the able guidance of a guru , the whole brain could get affected as the kundalini force would be thrown into imbalance due to incorrect breathing. Since the experience was most traumatic , I left it after some time despite assurance from the AOL instructors to keep going.

After that , I consulted a clinical psychiatrist and now after 2 years of medication ,extremely normal and living a fulfilling and contented life. And I believe there is no point in forcing the body against its wishes. The idea of coaxing one to continue despite feeling miserable was not correct on the part of the instructor.

Also I believe strongly in Prarabdha and Karma. If you are bound to suffer you will suffer , You cant act against nature by these so called quick fix techniques to heal all kinds of diseases,. The best is Karma Yoga …Do your duty and the results will take care of itself. Hi guys, I learn SKY and would suggest anyone going thru depression etc.

I was having terrible thoughts, on such a high frequency, i knew i will perish if something is not done, i think only people who have gone thru this mental turmoil can only understand. Fortunately i knew how to do SKY, i decided to restart it with the feeling that guruji would bring me out of this. As it is very few things are left in this world which really help and SRK is one of them so pls dont do false bad publicity and get some help.

What a crap u have published. On one side it mutates you, while on the other side the mind which is not used to this tries to resist. A type of controlled breathing with roots in traditional yoga shows promise in providing relief for depressio The program, called Sudarshan Kriya yoga SKY , involves several types of cyclical breathing patterns, ranging from slow and calming to rapid and stimulating, and is taught by the nonprofit Art of Living Foundation.

One study compared 30 minutes of SKY breathing, done six days a week, to bilateral electroconvulsive therapy and the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine in 45 people hospitalized for depression. Another study examined the effects of SKY on depressive symptoms in 60 alcohol-dependent men. After week of a standard detoxification program at a mental health center in Bangalore, India, participants wer randomly assigned to two weeks of SKY or a standard alcoholism treatment control.

Levels of two stress hormones, cortisol and corticotropin, also dropped the SKY group, but not in the control group. Please refer this link http: HH Sri Sri tells us that for every positive, there is a negative too.. So, there are advantages and disadvantages of Sudarshan Kriya as well!!!

I havent done the Kriya in more than 3 years and honestly, I dont feel a difference. I cherish the experience the good parts mostly: I was lucky not to have lost them. Hope you guys dont make the same mistake.

Cardio and exercise will greatly improve body and mind. Exercise is not only good for body but also mind as it improves brain functions and also lifts the mood. I wil surely follow wt u said.. I mean, wont sk benfit you in the long run and wont we start to feel the good experiences after all our toxins have been released? Jai Gurudev, I started SK just few days back. I told my wife about it and she too joined AOL. And there was dramatic change in the family.

Now, things are different, much better. Hi, I do not believe in hateful words or harsh comments but will just say this: I am sorry for you having formed such opinions of Sudarshan Kriya but t your experience is part of the detoxification process that occurs.

I have been through the same phase and stuck long enough for the positive benefits to emerge. It is not only a physical detox but also a mental vent to the suppressed negative energies we have been holding within.

Since you left it mid-way, you never got to the point of experiencing the benefits. As a fellow being, I request you to take it up with faith, under the guidance of a certified teacher and request you to not give up this time. Rounak or the other guy who mentioned ill effects after doing kriya, friends I can only pity you, there are millions accross 82 countries from past 25 years doing kriya and believe this to be a blessing in disguise and are leading a stress free life. May be its karmic, Jago friends jago, you might need few life times to be where others are, nothing just relax and wait for your experiences or just do it rightly.

Can somebody explain the basic steps involved? For a mature philosophy of life, I recommend Jiddu. I am practicing Sudarshan Kriya from last many years, It is working wonders for me. I feel energized and enthusiastic. My productivity has increased and I can see myself far ahead from my peers, may it be health, or intelligence or presence of mind.

I started practicing it after suggestion of my friend. I had rheumatoid arthritis RA and could not sit in Vajrason during the course but then after few weeks of practicing SK, I found improvements in joint pain and now I can sit comfortably in Vajrasen. My doctor was also very surprised by seeing improvements and has started suggesting AOL course to his other patients.

I am fully cured from RA now. I was also suffering with Migraine that too has now gone very mild. I even have stopped taking medicine for normal cold and cough. SK even helps in recovering from that as well. Many doctors are also practicing it regularly.

I am really sad to know that many of you did not have good experience with SK however I would suggest that please talk to your AOL teacher and get it corrected if you are not doing it properly. It is really bliss to have such a technique around us. Dear Parth Choksi, I am happy that you have done lots of analysis on it and structured your experience in systematic way. If you get a chance to meet Sri Sri just go and meet him once, he is very humble and listens to everyone.

He will certainly help you to come out of the negative syndromes you had after SK. I did the course about 20 years back in Baroda and practiced the same for some time and stopped it. I did the course again at Lagos about 2 years back and since then continue to pratice ,though not daily , at least times a week.

My experience with SK is good — actually it calms my mind and improves my energy levels. It also improved my concentration. Dear All Readers, I feel Sorry for all those who refrained themselves from Greatest benefits of Sudarshan Kriya because of reading self experience of some morons…Here i give you the evidence that how Sudarshan kriya works wonders in various health ailments…all researches are carried out by Doctors n scientists not some morons… Plz follow this link for details..

I must say …very interesting and a bit confused. Please explain — being a doctor how could you even advise someone to consult their health issues with with one of those so called AOL gurus. I noticed many people start AOL course when they are in troubled or sad situation in their lives and often forced by some AOL believer…. I was struggling during recession and was forced by my fruend to do basic course…and the way i felt as if i am going to rehab and as if i am depressed and they are cheering me up….

I am very strong willed, logical and I believe in myself, and practical in life and always do things positively with my best efforts…I am happy with what I am…if lord is my witness I am sure I will end up in good hands. I do not know if this blog is alive. Breathing Effects on Brain Oxygen and Health. To be considered are the physical responses to blood gas levels that can be seen with diagnostic imaging, and varying capacities of individual bodies. Folks who become insulting or defensive when asked honest, respectful questions may just not be too far along a path of enlightenment — what are they afraid of?

If there is a special technique to not hyperventilating when breathing heavier than the body requires, what would be the value of withholding that? Be wary of anyone who suggests you check your brain at the door! To his credit, when I expressed my concern about hyperventilation to my kundalini class teacher, he simply encouraged me to not do something I was not comfortable with, which follows my understanding of ahimsa. During the heavy breathing exercises, I choose to focus on executing deep, complete, energetic breaths and releasing body tension while maintaining a breath rate that feels healthy to me, i.

Hello, I have just started Basic course today morning and reading it in noon. Reading the views here feeling a kind of fear in continuing this course and SK,as I regularly takes medicine of High BP et. Thank you for advice,although we did not went for 2nd day of the course. Actually I also joined this course around 15 year back and then I did it for few days but left it that time too. Any way I appreciate your research and recommendations. If you care about your health and life, immediately stop doing SK or any other hyperventilation techniques.

Overbreathing is the root cause of the majority of modern diseases and SK aggravates the symptoms and may actually catalyze new diseases. Basic problem with overbreathing during SK: People who regularly practise SK slowly suffocate and destroy their brain cells among many other cells due to chronic lack of oxygenization of brain tissues. Thanks for the above discussions…. I did 1st part of the course and hoped to make this a part of my routine in addition walking and warm up exercises.

Unfortunately results were strange. Whenever I did these exersises, the whole day I feel dull, irritated and without any motivation.

On the contrary if I follow just my old routine of walking and light exersises, I feel energetic throughout the day. Like there are differences in opinion so there can be differences in results. Just want to add one more thing. During the course my teacher told me that negative enery gets released. When I asked how do you ensure only negative enery gets released and not positive. I dun fynd ny syd effect.. Yes i do feel stress bt it hapenz at da recent stage i had so many pimples on ma face n i flt lack f enenrgy bt it cz at dz stage toxins are being released frm da body..

I wud suggest to take a t f wotr whyle prfcticing. I wud lyk to add ddat different pepl xperienc dfrnt thngs dpendin on deir lyf styl n natre f d. Jz keep doin it. Many graduates of SKY are well known researchers, scientists and journalists who have shown no neural or cognitive detriment as of yet.

Have you ever considered that your lack of focus could be just due to your inability to manage your life and time? Many a normal individual would define that as average procrastination. Nevertheless, it is not to say that your experience might not be from some causal relationship.

It is a possibility though not highly likely. Simply put the health bit is meant as a washover, spillover effect from having relaxed mind. Please, keep in mind you should not blame instances and lethargy one factor. Also acknowledge that lethargy and other symptoms of tiredness could be attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of nutrition and sleep.

Sudarshan kriya is not hyperventilation, sk is a kundalini awakening technique…I m a practioner of sudarshan kriya since past 7 years ,.. I started 18 discontinued in between….

I even know this comment wont work on you bcoz this material world and its influences r so strong u have no idea. Hello every one iam naresh who did basic course of long sudarshan kriya and continued for doing 1 year after i left that course because busy life when i stopped for just 15 days it is ruined my brain and addicted in doing so then i do for days after it is peace full for 7 days then again iam very stressful with severe head pain then again i did it for days then it is peace for 7 days plz any body help me how to escape from this long sudarshan kriya…..

I read various feedback on SK. I am confused who is right. I personally feel very bad experience. I found one link that gives hear problem due to SK. DOes any one have any answer? I asked the teacher but they just ignored it.

After stopping the Kriya I felt normal as usual. Hi, I am also experiencing side effects of SK. For the first day it was very good feeling.

Did continously for 2 weeks. And i stopped it for 1 week due to cold. But after that i started experiencing side effects. Now my anxeity has increased a lot.

My mouth area is feeling very hard some times. Now i am into lot of health issues. Does anybody found a way for side effects?

I have done the SK even after reading all the negatives and positive outcomes shared in posts. Doing it regularly for last two weeks and found extremely helping in coming out of anxiety. I am getting stress free life other may call it careless attitude but anyways feeling good.

Nice that you have gone vocal about it. But do remember, there is no one pill that cures all diseases. At the core of it, sudarshan kriya is a breathing exercise. It helps most people relieve stress. But it does not mean it will have same effect on everyone. Body dispositions could cause problems with things like this. If it does not work for you, you should stop doing it and try something else.

That said, it has a huge following which would mean that many people find it beneficial. I do it often and find enhanced focus and energy.

I am yet to actually meet someone in person who has had problems with it. All the best, Vikrant. Even i am facing many problems after doing this AOL course.

Its just a stupid thing. These days am getting much more sleep that too whole day. So Parth what did you do to overcome these problems. Can anybody sujjest me. Hi I am a follower of aol I am in aol for last 1 yr now and my parents are not in its favour. I was goin for another course and my parents strongly disallowed me. Then I started searching negatives of aol and I actualy realized that I did not look up for any science behind al this. I was in an emotionaly bad condition when I joined and never got to study aol.

Just felt proud and blessed that now I also have a guru. I made my life based on sewa sadna and satsang. I found a different goal of life and I was happy. And its not that I am not materialistic. On the surface there is a layer of peace and harmony, but in the depths of the mind there is a sleeping volcano of suppressed negativity which sooner or later may erupt in a violent explosion.

Other explorers of inner truth went still further in their search and, by experiencing the reality of mind and matter within themselves, recognized that diverting the attention is only running away from the problem. Escape is no solution; you have to face the problem. Whenever negativity arises in the mind, just observe it, face it.

As soon as you start to observe a mental impurity, it begins to lose its strength and slowly withers away. A good solution; it avoids both extremes—suppression and expression. Burying the negativity in the unconscious will not eradicate it, and allowing it to manifest as unwholesome physical or vocal actions will only create more problems.

But if you just observe, then the defilement passes away and you are free of it. This sounds wonderful, but is it really practical?

It's not easy to face one's own impurities. When anger arises, it so quickly overwhelms us that we don't even notice. Then, overpowered by anger, we perform physical or vocal actions which harm ourselves and others. Later, when the anger has passed, we start crying and repenting, begging pardon from this or that person or from God: This continual repenting doesn't help at all.

The difficulty is that we are not aware when negativity starts. It begins deep in the unconscious mind, and by the time it reaches the conscious level it has gained so much strength that it overwhelms us, and we cannot observe it. Let's say I can afford it, and anger begins to arise. You think you're paid to teach me? Suppose wisdom does prevail and I don't scold him. Now I must sit down and observe my anger. As soon as I close my eyes and try to observe anger, the object of the anger immediately comes into my mind—the person or incident which initiated the anger.

Then I'm not observing the anger itself; I'm merely observing the external stimulus of that emotion. This will only serve to multiply the anger, and is therefore no solution. It is very difficult to observe any abstract negativity, abstract emotion, divorced from the external object which originally caused it to arise. However, someone who reached the ultimate truth found a real solution. He discovered that whenever any impurity arises in the mind, physically two things start happening simultaneously.

One is that the breath loses its normal rhythm. We start breathing harder whenever negativity comes into the mind. This is easy to observe. At a subtler level, a biochemical reaction starts in the body, resulting in some sensation. Every impurity will generate some sensation or the other within the body.

This presents a practical solution. An ordinary person cannot observe abstract defilements of the mind—abstract fear, anger or passion. But with proper training and practice it is very easy to observe respiration and body sensations, both of which are directly related to mental defilements.

Respiration and sensations will help in two ways. First, they will be like private secretaries. Similarly, the sensations will tell us that something has gone wrong. Then, having been warned, we can start observing the respiration, start observing the sensations, and very quickly we find that the negativity passes away. This mental-physical phenomenon is like a coin with two sides. On one side are the thoughts and emotions arising in the mind, on the other side are the respiration and sensations in the body.

Any thoughts or emotions, any mental impurities that arise manifest themselves in the breath and the sensations of that moment. Thus, by observing the respiration or the sensations, we are in fact observing mental impurities. Instead of running away from the problem, we are facing reality as it is.

As a result, we discover that these impurities lose their strength; they no longer overpower us as they did in the past. If we persist, they eventually disappear altogether and we begin to live a peaceful and happy life, a life increasingly free of negativities.

In this way the technique of self-observation shows us reality in its two aspects, inner and outer. Previously we only looked outward, missing the inner truth. We always looked outside for the cause of our unhappiness; we always blamed and tried to change the reality outside.

Being ignorant of the inner reality, we never understood that the cause of suffering lies within, in our own blind reactions toward pleasant and unpleasant sensations. Now, with training, we can see the other side of the coin. Maar ook voor de mens blijft vrede een uitdaging. Alle lijden, zowel individueel als maatschappelijk, is nochtans een gevolg van onvrede.

Alleen ongelukkige mensen, d. Gelukkige mensen inspireren ook anderen tot een gelukkiger leven. Sorge dich um dich selbst: Pierre Hadot and Michel Foucault promoted the idea that ancient philosophy is essentially an art of living.

In particular, this thesis is usually applied to the big philosophical schools deriving from the Hellenistic In particular, this thesis is usually applied to the big philosophical schools deriving from the Hellenistic period. Epicurus, most notably, is often read as a philosopher who only aims at the improvement of one's individual life. In this article I articulate my doubts about this one-sided reading of ancient philosophy in general and Epicurus in particular.

Humanism can be defined as the discipline of the art of living, in which reflection on literary classics plays an important part. Texts are available at http: The Academic Journal entitled "Anthropos? It is nowadays customary for many academic institutions to refer to the Greek notion of anthropos in their publishing series or names of projects. This is due to the fact that we are so much anchored in the Greek heritage. Ever since the launching of the project in there has been a question mark attached to the name of the journal.

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The Art of Living January 23, · Over 60 independent studies conducted on four continents and published in peer-reviewed journals, have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits from pract icing Sudarshan Kriya, and related breathing exercises taught on the Art of Living Happiness Program. The volume concludes with a description of art-of-living in autobiographies, and presents suggestions for further research with respect to art-of-living. About the Author Bernhard Schmitz, Prof. Dr., holds a full professorship at the department of psychology of the University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany.