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100 Current Events Research Paper Topics with Research Links

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❶The last sentence of your paragraph should reiterate the main idea of the news article. Is it worth the cost?

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When you recounted the article to someone else, you highlighted the most important parts of the article. These things will go in your outline.

Now your job is to put them in an order that makes sense. Write your topic sentence. The topic sentence for this paragraph is the main idea of the article. This sentence gives your reader an overview of what your summary will be about. Build upon your introduction with information about what happened. The next few sentences are where you include your five Ws and H. Construct a logical way of telling the reader what happened.

This may or may not be in the same order as the news article. Depending on your assignment, this might be three or four sentences, or it might be seven to nine sentences. Check your assignment for your length requirement. Write a closing sentence. The last sentence of your paragraph should reiterate the main idea of the news article. Choose wording that is different from your topic sentence.

Outline your thoughts about the article. The reflection paragraph [5] is your opportunity to make connections between this article and the community at large. Think about why this story is important. Think about the connection to your community, or your state, or the country. You might also think about the connection to your class. What themes are you discussing in class that relate to this article?

Determine the main point that you want to make and think about how you will support that main point. Write a topic sentence. Check with your teacher to determine if you can write in first person or not.

Follow up with supporting sentences. Expand on your main point by giving specific examples from your news article. Build your paragraph in a logical way. Wrap up with a concluding sentence.

Or, you might make a final key point about the ultimate impact of the news story. Make sure your reader is going to focus on the content of your paper, rather than superficial elements like spelling and grammar.

Correct all spelling and grammatical errors in your paper. For this reason, it may be preferable to type out the summary. Some teachers may require a typed paper. Follow guidelines for the assignment. Check your assignment for any requirements about how to format your paper. For example, you may need to use point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. If you have a grading rubric for the assignment, review this before turning in the assignment.

Make sure you have met all the requirements to ensure a good grade. Include a citation for the article. If your assignment requires it, include on your paper where the article came from. For example, you might write an MLA citation for an article like this: The Los Angeles Times, 3 July Include the article with your summary. If your teacher asks for it, staple or paperclip the original news article to your summary. If you got your article from a news website, print out the entire article.

Make sure that all pages are included, since some articles go on to a second page or longer. A current events paper should be at least a page or two. If you are a good writer and you explain yourself well, you can do two or three. If you are not very good at explaining and not repeating yourself, then go ahead and write more.

The more you write, the better the understanding of your topic for the reader. Not Helpful 5 Helpful You can write one by picking out some of the important details from an article and then put them in one paragraph. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Not Helpful 14 Helpful 8. How do you do a current even for debate? Answer this question Flag as Do I have to write only a summary for current events or four paragraphs?

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Make sure you follow your assignment exactly. Academic Writing In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read , times. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

JL Jack Liu Dec 28, It was my homework and I did not how to organize it. This article really helped me a lot. Choosing an appropriate topic is a perfect place to start with.

You will have to narrow down to get a top that you can work on easily. In most cases, your teacher or professor will have assigned you a specific area to write about. Say you have been assigned a specific discipline like Healthcare, you are supposed to asses the news and latest articles on trending issues related to healthcare.

Guarantees for your current events paper. After you have done your research and you now have all the required resources. The next step will be making the draft for your essay. In making a draft, what matters is identifying the five Ws and H which are key to events paper writing.

These are outlined below: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How; are critical elements that will make your event paper outstanding and earn you good marks. If for some reasons you are unable to write a great current events paper or time is not on your side, At EssayAgents. Get top most assistance from our professionals by submitting your order today. We also allow you to buy a research paper online plus other services.

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 M2A1 Current Event short paper Mark Zuckerberg Lisa R McFadden-Johnson BUS MAY 17, EXCELSIOR COLLEGE M2A1 Current Event short paper Shares of the .

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May 18,  · Even though your question is one that all of us think about, to create a good paper topic on this question would require narrowing it a bit to a particular current Reviews:

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A current events paper is a short description of an event that has recently happened or is going to happen. Junior and senior high school educators for the purpose of teaching research, writing, and editing skills often assign current events summaries. Get Help With Writing A Custom Current Events Paper Online. Are you stuck when writing a current events paper? Wondering on how to start writing a current events essay? We have helped thousands of students write best research papers. This article will guide you to write a winning essay in the shortest time possible.

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SCI SC Current Events Overview Paper Guidelines and Rubric For Modules , you will analyze and evaluate a Human Ecology Current Events article. Term Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Survival of the Fittest: Exploitation of Cambodia Under the Khmer Rouge - Slavery has existed throughout history and it .