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Quick resume question - current job in past or present tense?

When to Use Past and Present Tense Verb on a Resume

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Past Vs. Present Tense on a Resume

Resume Question: Verb Tense
Re: Resumé: present, past and continuous tense ?
what verb tense should I use on my resume?

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Resumé: present, past and continuous tense ?

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Home > Blog: Resumes > Should I Write My Resume in Past or Present Tense? Should I Write My Resume in Past or Present Tense? Let's talk about verb tenses: past, present, and future.

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Having past or present tense on your resume can make a difference. Learn more about resume tips from Monster. Choosing the right tense is important when you're crafting a resume and applying to jobs.

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One resume writer may choose to always use the past tense. For me, if you are still doing it, it belongs in present tense. In your past jobs, you need to make sure everything is past tense. In reviewing other resume books, I am confused about the grammar hang-ups on resumes. I have always been taught to use the same verb tense within the resume, whether the job is current or not. My questions are as follows: 1. Should the current duties be in the past or present tense? For example: Past tense: – Present, Gold Productions, Inc. Served as on-call counselor.

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