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The Hart-Devlin debate

I also took the help of text books, novels, magazines, public opinion but to a very limited scope which was basically a feedback from my friends and the most non exhaustive resource that is the internet. Introduction Karl Marx was the first scientific socialist thinker. There were a number of socialist thinkers before Marx. There were important differences between the scientific socialism of Marx and that of his Utopian predecessors.

The important thing about the work of Marx is not its originality but its synthetic power. Marxism is scientific because it not only provides the ultimate objectives but gives the systematic account of the means and techniques to be employed towards the attainment of the ideals. Karl Marx is the real founder of socialism. In his Communist Manifesto, Marx says: The assumptions basic to Marxist legal theory—first, that God does not exist; and second, that humans are evolving animals—deny both the possibility of an absolute moral code and the existence of any law grounded in any authority other than human authority.

We, of course, say that we do not believe in God. What is the origin of energy or motion in nature? What is the origin of life, the origin of species and the origin of consciousness and mind? Marx and Engels answer all of these questions with three laws.

The law of opposites, the law of negation and the law of transformation. His theory of law and state might be described crudely as an economic theory of law and state. This is why Marxist thought proved so attractive of critics of social systems; he saw societies as inherently unstable systems. So therefore in economical terms, introducing the new sexual predator law is not wise.

According to the Canadian Chapter of rights and freedoms, each individual have the right arbitrarily detained or imprisoned. This means we have no right to incarcerated prisoners forever, just for one crime they did. We have to believe in rehabilitation, that each criminal will receive help to aid them back to become normal again.

If the sexual predator law does enforce, this will take away the freedom of criminals of being rehabilitate, thus going against the Canadian chapter of rights and freedom. Also under the Canadian chapter of rights and freedom no. This law means we cannot assume the criminal will do the act again and thus put them imprison forever. We can only put criminals in prison for what they have done and not what we think they will do in the future.

Therefore before each sex predator are proven to be guilty we have to believe them. This once again arouse the public, because if the government can now enforce such law to take away criminal freedoms, one day the government can enforce more laws to restrict even more freedom. This is the Dangerous Offender Act. However to meet the criteria for the DOA is really hard. After looking at the flaws and strength the jurisprudence of the sexual predator law, I think the law should be to the visible part of the iceberg, in another words it should be enforced.

Despite all economical factors, the law should still be enforce due to the safeness to the public. This is because of the jurisprudence concepts and factors. As mention above we have to take many things into account before deciding whether or not this law is to be visible. Referring back to the Canadian chapters of right and freedom, we have to consider the liberty, Rights and Justice, for our victims. Liberty, we have the right to protect those who had been harm.

Right, we have the right to ensure the safeness of our society. Justice, we have the right to make every single case a fairness case, and give the justice back to the victimes. Sex predators have to pay for the price for what they have done. In conclusion should the jurisprudence of sexual predator law should be to the visible side or not?

After evaluating both sides, it is hard to determine, whether such law is to be enforce. However much more evidences goes towards the victims side, and thus I think the law should be enforce and to been seen on the visible side. You can also order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on Jurisprudence topics from our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with high-quality custom written papers at an affordable cost.

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Mill on Individualism and Morality

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Example Essays. Jurisprudence means the knowledge or skills of the law. The law is basically described as an iceberg. Only one third of the laws are visible to us, the other two third are deep down, where it .

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We will write a custom essay sample on Jurisprudence specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now By law is here understood positive law—that is, the law existing by position, or, the law of human enactment. Jurisprudence is the science of positive laws, and, as such, is the theory of those duties which are capable of being. Jurisprudence law and morality essay read this don t need to comparative and more details about the rules is a more. Ethical foundations jurisprudence in jurisprudence is once again.

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I sincerely acknowledge the help rendered to me by our Faculty for the Jurisprudence. He has helped me a lot whenever I needed any sort of assistance and guidance related to the topic. I acknowledge the sincere help of our library staffs and our net centre-in-charge, who by rendering me help in locating appropriate resources [ ]. This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Jurisprudence Social Legal | Free Jurisprudence Law Essay.