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How did Confucianism influence ancient Japanese government?

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❶During this period, there was a constant struggle for control of Japan among many contenders for the throne. Due to the Great Depression of , many people were looking for solutions to their suffering.

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A Timeline of Japanese History

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The Japanese do not start writing their histories until around AD; this historical writing culminates in AD in the massive chronicles, The Record of Ancient Matters and the Chronicles of Japan.

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Japan ranks high in population density and tenth in population among the world’s countries. Its capital, Tokyo, is one of the world’s largest cities. Area , square miles (, square kilometers).

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Regions like Korea, Japan, and Vietnam were subjected to Tang traders and armies as the Tang sought territorial expansion. Korea adopted many Chinese-style reforms, like education systems, writing, and Confucianism, while Vietnam adopted far less Chinese elements, particularly in southern Vietnam. chalmers master thesis opponent Homework Help Ancient Japan essay english tutors online help on finance homework.

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History Ancient Japan (to ) According to legend, the Japanese state was founded in bc by Jimmu, the first emperor. Historical evidence shows that Japan emerged as a unified state in the 4th–5th century ad, when the chieftains of one family, the Yamato clan, became dominant. Their base was the eastern end of the Inland Sea, centered on the Kinai (Osaka) Plain and the Nara Basin. Solved: What are the similarities between Ancient Japan and Ancient China? - Slader.