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How to use our GP Essays to improve your grade for General Paper

❶This is all doable, it's just hard work! Another helpful thing for essays and AQs would be reading up on logical fallacies.

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GP essays on Education
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This article is just for brainstorming and getting ideas. It is not a proper GP essay! In developed nations, an increasing proportion of senior citizens in their population has been observed. This phenomenon is known as ageing population which poses significant challenges to their economy.

While the working population does not experience growth in the same ratio with the working population, the burden of supporting larger number of elderly people lies on the smaller number of working people. In other words, government's expenditure on supporting elderly population including social security and medical care, takes up a sizable proportion of country's GDP.

This affects the nation's expenditure on other sectors such as education, infrastructure development, and the like. However, whether ageing population is really a bad thing or not requires careful examination. By Prem Gaire at October 06, 11 comments. Ageism , Essay Ideas , Socio-economic Issues. Monday, October 5, Can plastic use be completely replaced by biodegradable alternatives?

This is not a complete essay but will help you brainstorm to write one! In this highly industrialized world, plastic has become a basic ingredient for most of the products. Even those which don't need plastic as core product, need plastic for packaging. There are many variants of plastic contributing to its innumerable uses in the modern manufacture sector. Plastic has succeeded to maintain its sheer dominance in the industrial sector because of it's outstanding qualities like: From this angle, students will also be tested on how the social media will affect the individuals, the society and the state.

The roles of social media will also be seen from the wide dimension of perspectives, namely, economics, social, political and others. It is imperative for students to understand how social media will alter the values and norms of the society and the individuals. This theme is a very complex as culture is a very slippery concept.

Thus, it is not easy to grasp the areas of discussion for the types of questions to be tested. A good way to start in the derivation of the areas of discussion is to consider the difference between the modern and archaic society. We will have to examine how the cultural world over time has changed in terms of the way we live our lives, the values we hold and the behaviour we develop.

In this way, we can have a flipside discussion to make our understanding of culture more concrete and tangible. We also need to examine other controversial issues like the cultural identity and its significance to the individuals, society and state and how its evolvement is affected by the development in our modern era, namely, the influence of technology and globalization. It is the most complicated and difficult topic for GP essays but its significance must not be ignored despite the depth of the topic and the degree of complexity.

It is one of the type of question on social issues that will be tested at GCE A level but this issue is often ignored by many GP tutors as they often rank it to be the unlikely question. It is an important question as social issues are the type of questions that will test the capabilities of the students in making reference to their society and the capacities for opinion development. The discussion on marriage often begins with the need for marriage and why remaining singlehood is the trend in modern society.

The study of the issue on marriage will also need to cover the consequences of delay in marriage and its status in the modern society. An interesting area to explore as students will develop their capacity for insight discussion. Question about climate change I planned the compo really quick for 10 minutes then wrote everything out. Finished with 5 sides and 2 glorious minutes to check.

Somehow it worked out. To be honest,the way school teacher marks a quality A grade essay internally may be drastically different from what Cambridge GP markers are looking out for instead. Our school prelims only had 0. As to how I feel you should write an essay,linking between paragraphs may be useful.

For instance,I wrote question 11 for the H1 GP essay last yr relating to climate change and using the example of Itaipu Dam in one of my paragraphs stating that technological advancements such as renewable energy in the form of hydroelectric power can address climate change and the subsequent paragraph stating the economic limitations of such technological advancements and relating it to Itaipu Dam again as having a significant financial cost which would not have been possible to build if 2 or more countries haven't collaborated together to borne the costs as a sole country which is less developed would not be able to build the dam due to lack of financial resources.

Three things you'll wanna do: Most students benefit from concentrating on logic, but that's partially because of how the beast works. Without some level of mastery of language, you simply can't think about logic.

Without awareness of the world around you, it's difficult to cite the required evidence. This YouTube guy introduces logic pretty well: Also, read opinion articles, use the dictionary multiple times every day, and make sure you make time to sleep. Scored E for prelims. Went for tons of consult with my gp tutor and realised that i was not answering the question. I would rather score a student who ans the qn but with no examples an A. And fail a student with many examples but does not ans the ques".

Srsly thankful for my gp tutor who eventually helped me score a B. Go consult ur tutor!!! I was in the A level cohort so I'm not too sure what has changed, but here's some tips:.

Like everyone else has pointed out here, pick out at least 3 pet topics. In my case it was War, Media, and Youth culture. My GP teacher used to give us booklets of examples divided into the topics to read up on. What we also did was get questions from TYS and past papers, and actually categorise the questions into the topics they fall under. This way, you could figure out what sort of arguments you might make while writing for that particular topic.

From those set of questions you've collated, you might wanna learn how to "dissect" the question. Get the topic down, and then figure out what the question is asking for and how you might wanna go about arguing your points. Then list out your "for" and "against" arguments and note down examples that could reinforce your point. Figure out how to rebut your opposing points too.

Another helpful thing for essays and AQs would be reading up on logical fallacies. For AQs especially, you could point out logical fallacies on the passages given and argue against it, putting examples to further firm up your argument. My particular fave was the slippery slope haha. Word banks are useful. Word of caution though: If you can keep it simple, stick to it. The topics in past papers definitely aren't gonna appear in the actual A level paper itself, but it's important to actually practice writing and forming arguments.

If your GP teach sucks, find a tutor. I didn't end up writing on my three pet topics when it came to A levels although one of my topics did come up. I ended up writing on space exploration instead. It was during my study break whilst I was revising for gp when I had an epiphany. As such instead of being in the running with the pack,I would rather blaze my own trial and venture off the beaten path.

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vague, broad question but - how do you guys study for the GP essay? i used to be able to not study for essays at all, literally got a stomachache.

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Sample GP Essays, GP Passage Solutions, Essay Ideas, and many other useful articles to GCE A Level Students of General Paper. General Paper Guide Note: This is not a complete GP essay, but will help you brainstorm to write one. First of all, it is important to understand that social networks are neutral - neither good nor bad - in.

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How to Do Well and Score in GP / General Paper. How to Do Well and Score in English Language and General Paper: Essay Essay writing is also another simple thing to do. First, we need to know the structure of the essay. The above are brief details that will help anyone preparing for the General Paper. Time and space do not allow me to go. Sep 11,  · Research paper in chemistry scheme: Gp essay help Sep 11, | 0 comments I wrote this piece on how the the trans-alaska pipeline system is fueling the battle over the arctic national wildlife refuge (#anwr). finally getting to apply some of my #envhist dissertation research! check it out.

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A blog with model GP essays on education, media, environment, gender, society, globalisation, arts, science and technology. Gp Essays Help >>>CLICK HEREGp essays help Candiac us postal service resume service why is problem solving skills important apa 6th edition journal article citation.