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How to Calculate Theoretical Yields

❶The theoretical yield of the experiment is

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Before performing chemical reactions, it is helpful to know how much product will be produced with given quantities of reactants. This is known as the theoretical yield. This is a strategy to use when calculating theoretical yield of a chemical reaction.

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You determine percent yield with the following formula: Lovely, but what is an actual yield, and what is a theoretical yield? An actual yield is, well, the amount of product actually produced by the reaction in a lab or as told to you in the chemistry problem.

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(reactants) available. This smallest yield of product is called the theoretical yield. To find the limiting reagent and theoretical yield, carry out the following procedure: 1. Find the moles of each reactant present. 2. Calculate the moles of a product formed from each mole of reactant. 3. Multiply the number of moles of the product by the molecular weight of the product to determine the theoretical yield. For example, if you created moles of Al2O3, the molecular weight of Al2CO3 is g/mol, so you .

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