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❶After calling GE, I was told that yes, they were having problems, to copy my receipt and the bar codes and I would get my money back. I no longer have the receipt for these, so I will be unable to get my money back.

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Three days later it burned out. I did not replace it. I won't be buying anymore GE bulbs. Never in my relatively long lifetime have I ever seen a light bulb explode, out of the blue, for no reason, while the light is on. Glass went flying everywhere. I was watching TV about 4 feet away and definitely felt small pieces of glass hit me. My honey was making bread. We had to throw away 4 loaves, after hours of rising and pounding down, right before they were to go into the stove because we couldn't risk shards of glass in the bread.

My honey was angry, I was sad. I searched through the broken glass and found at least one legible piece. It said GE Lumens Hungary on the top.

But if the guts of the bulb blows up the outer globe of these big bulb are engineered to be strong enough to withstand the explosion. They are engineered with outer glass strong enough to contain a "nonpassive" failure inside.

My bulb exploded because the outer glass wasn't strong enough The result is an extremely hazardous product. Please get it off the shelves fast. I came home from the store and replaced 3 of the light bulbs from 2 light fixtures, 3 bulbs each , above our bathroom vanity.

The very next morning I turned on the bathroom lights and 2 of the 3 bulbs that I just replaced had blown out already??? These light bulbs are not the only GE light bulbs I have had this problem with. I have always used Reveal light bulbs as well as smaller light bulbs used in pendant lights. Within the past couple of years it seems as though the regular light bulbs blow out within days to weeks to months of installing them.

I am tired of wasting money on GE and will switch to another brand to check them out. Never buying these bulbs again! We just had a GE lightbulb explode in our bedroom seconds after laying our 4 month old down for bed. The hot, broken glass landed about an inch from his face! Thank the Lord he is okay, I get sick just thinking about what could've happened. These are very dangerous!!! I was contacted by a customer telling me the GE Light Bulbs Halogen installed in his product just blew up.

He gave me a link to this site. I was shocked to find out that GE is just another one of those "too big to fail" companies who gets to do whatever they please, including manufacturing shoddy, dangerous products. We were lucky in that the bulb was contained within a machine so the shards didn't hurt anyone.

I'm waiting to hear if the shards damaged the product's wiring. The GE long life 3 way light bulbs was in my living room lamps One of them blew up while I was in the bathroom. Burned holes in my carpet, couch and tile We own a family restaurant business. One day coming into work it was noted that a bulb GE 72w v lumens had broke over a table. Thank goodness this happened at night and not while someone was working the problem was the bulb still lit up when the switch was turned on.

The entire bulb was broke. We thought this was just a freak accident until tonight. I was closing down drawers and the bulb directly above me burst. Glass fragments went into my hair and all over the cash drawer and floor.

This bulb burnt out and did not fully bust. The third picture is the type of bulb. These are extremely dangerous! Let alone being in a restaurant. Thank goodness none have broke over a table! They have all been removed since then. I was sitting in my living room and the turned off LED light bulb arced. Since the one in the bedroom has been flickering since I installed it, I went online, read reviews and decided to remove them before there was an actual explosion of glass.

I no longer have the receipt for these, so I will be unable to get my money back. However, I do have the box, so I will post the information about them. The reason for two stars instead of one is, I liked the clean white light and the idea of energy savings. However, I can't justify keeping them installed with the behaviors they are exhibiting. Last night the GE 72 Watt light bulb in my 4 year old's bedroom exploded.

The glass went everywhere. It actually burned my shirt and my skin under it. My son was scared but thankfully was covered by a blanket. I have been purchasing GE Crystal Clear light bulbs for all my overhead ceiling lights simply because I prefer the bright clean white light they produce. Today while sitting at my desk working I was startled by a loud explosion in the ceiling light above me. Fortunately all my ceiling lights are closed dome fixtures so the explosion was contained.

While removing the dome to examine the bulb a stream of fine pulverized glass began streaming out through the mounting post hole in the glass dome. I covered the hole with my thumb so that I could safely contain it while climbing back down the ladder I was using to reach the fixture. The dome was filled with completely pulverized glass with the consistency of sea salt, however with sharp edges. There were no larger pieces. It was completely pulverized. All that was left of the bulb was the metal screwed into the socket which I had to remove with a pair of needle nose pliers.

I really hate to think of what could have happened had the bulb been in an open table or floor lamp. Yes, the bulbs were made in Hungary and I will be forwarding the remains as well as the original packaging to GE once I get an address to send it to.

These bulbs will generally burn out in half the time as others. However I prefer the light they produce, and although this is the first such experience I have had with them these bulbs are extremely dangerous and should be pulled off the market. Recently purchased two boxes 4 ea of soft white 40 watt round bulbs for two bathrooms being renovated.

That was a week ago. Since then 7 out of 8 new bulbs have failed. These bulbs are manufactured in Hungary. Have taken one box back for exchange, Home Depot had no problem with the return, but now I have 3 more bad ones and am returning them all. One expects more than 4 or five days life out of a light bulb. The fixtures are new and were installed by a licensed electrician, so I don't think it's the fixture.

Is THIS what foreign manufacturing does for us? I turned the light off and the bulb exploded!!! The second light bulb blew and broke apart. This is very dangerous. One by one within a few months they started to flicker.

I rounded them all up after reading online others with the same issues. After calling GE, I was told that yes, they were having problems, to copy my receipt and the bar codes and I would get my money back. I called and was told they never got anything from me, so I went online and sent a second request.

After another 2 weeks, I got a letter stating my problem was 'not typical' and to send the bulbs back for a examine. I always thought GE was a reputable company but they are not. I will never ever, ever buy another GE product. My 6-year-old was in his room last night and we heard a pop. Smoke was coming out of the socket. My child was cut by the bulb and parts of the bulb melted in the carpet causing my son and myself to burn our bare feet.

Ten minutes before this happened my son and I were lying on the floor under the fan light reading. We are very lucky. My daughter and I were in the living room when the light above her exploded causing her to fall to the floor. She ended up falling on glass getting burnt through 2 pairs of Under Armour shorts and 1 pair was lined making it 3 layers of shorts!!!

Her blanket ended up getting a hole burnt in it also. These light bulbs are fairly new too! I hate these new halogen light bulbs, what happened to the good old days, good old bulbs!! I'm usually a chill person but when my child gets hurt and stuff get ruined I get upset.

If I could give GE bulbs a zero, I would! Was talking to my two children the other night while one was sitting on the couch next to a table lamp, and the other was standing. The lamp was on. The light bulb exploded and burst glass onto the couch where my son was sitting and onto the floor by my daughter.

Luckily, no one was hurt I believe due to the lamp shade perhaps shielding it from going directly out sideways. Shreds of glass did land on the couch. I couldn't help but think what would have happened if it had hit one of the kids or myself in the eye or face! It was a terrifyingly loud sound that scared us half to death. My young son is now afraid that our house will catch on fire if we have a lamp or other light on now.

Please check your bulbs and replace them if they are GE! I included pictures of the make, etc. GE needs to do a recall on those bulbs NOW! My husband was sitting in the living by a lamp and the GE light bulb just exploded. Glass was all over the place from the bulb. We thought maybe we had too high of a watt in it but from the sticker on the lamp it looks like it could take up to W and the light bulb was only 72W.

I don't have a receipt. I purchase many exterior flood light bulbs for our business. Privacy Policy Contact Us. GE Lightbulbs Phone Number. Installing a couple of them in some table lamps, at first everything was fine. But soon after, when the lamp itself was jarred by reaching for a TV remote or such thing, the bulb immediately burned out.

Had the same thing happen under similar circumstances with other bulbs. The second pack of bulbs I used two of today did the same thing. The little cardboard container they are sold in has the number PC on the side where the white inset containing the bar code is.

The number directly under the bar code is Thank you for your consideration. I explained this to the customer service rep. He asked me how many bulbs we feel we lost and I said about a dozen.

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