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Homosexuality in society

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I am not from your culture so i'll try not to be a judge. BUT, I dont like the way you talk about the Bible in a put downy manner. The Lame One does not share your views about homosexuality.

Mark me, I am not against any one, my culture teaches me to tolerate , at least uptill my life is treatened, but it also frowns on your homo life style in a very big way.. SO live you life but let the Holy Bible be Well, I am sorry but when the Bible puts down a certain lifestyle it is not right either. It says people are created equally, right?

I understand how religion is. I am not married to the same sex seeing that I should not marry at I can understand how people are but, if we leave straight folks alone, they must leave us alone.

No, you just have to respect it. How you were brought up, I was too, believe it or not. But I know what you are going through. Be what you want to be. I was raised roman catholic Christian, but what I learned is that the bible is a document that was written at a certain time in the history of mankind and so has to be seen in that historical context.

By condemning homosexuality which has been practiced in every culture on this earth since the beginning of time the bible tried to sanctify heterosexual marriage, mostly for one big reason: Only a heterosexual couple can naturally contribute to perpetuation of the human race and when the bible was written, children were everything.

The more children, the better the parents were off once they got old. This is not the only reason of course, but it shows the historical circumstances, which have changed now. Especially in the western world, we are not primarily driven by making babies in choosing our partners, but by love and we should all have the freedom to do that.

I am just used to sometimes pardon me if I offend anyone religious fanatics that curse me out for being bi. Well, thank you once again and thanks for the comment. Well, this is totally asking for my opinion, so I'm going to give it. You ready for it?? I'm a bisexual female. I've been with many men and women. I have a healthy life, and am more than just a "bisexual girl". There's been talk about the bible. I am a recovering Catholic. I do not practice religion of any sort, because religion is Man Made.

The word bible means, "A list of stories. There's many forms of the bible. Nobody really knows what's in the original bible, do they?? So, excuse me for not believing in some bible that can't seem to make up it's mind, if its a King James Version, or whatever.

Homosexuality is not a sin. It's like saying a Down's Syndrome person should stay behind closed doors and never let out. It is the way a person is made, the way they are born.

It is simply them. I am for homosexual marriages. This was a short essay for a class. And we were talking about the same thing. The bible means "list of stories" and should not tell people that homosexuality is a sin. Homosexual marriages, I am totally for it. Being a recovering catholic, you have more knowledge seeing I was never catholic or christian or anything else in that vincinity. I am glad I have your opinion on this matter. And yes, leave them be.

I think that the Buddhists actually embraced the fact that everyone is made equal, no one is better than anyone. Ugrade to Premium Membership to feature this review at the top of your content and also on listings across the site. Doc's Favorite movies and books. John and world around.

The Minority Report Economics: This happens to me too often. The Story Of Eastwood. Endless Death, Timeless Glory.

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This article, although biased in a lot of areas, does bring up a lot of strong points that the Christian faith fails to address. I like how strongly you feel about this topic; the passion burns through this piece. You managed to spark a lot of controversy, which is good because it gets people thinking!

Coffins don't have pockets. I am offended by this article because it is not only prejudiced against Christians, but also religion in general. I am a Catholic and am against same-sex "marriage" and homosexuality. I am not "crazy. Marriage is one man and one woman. It always has been, and always will be. I'm sorry that you stopped believing in God. I will be praying for you. God did not decide to make some people homosexual. God created and intended everyone to have a right mind and act in a way that is pleasing to Him.

But when Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and disobeyed God, that is when sin came into the world and started tempting people. This temptation is what caused same-sex lusts. God did not create it. It is straight from Satan. And the Bible is not a substitute for our brains.

I am a Christian and I am thankful God gave his own words for us. Without God's word, we would not have guidance on how to live our lives. I am grateful to have a lifebook full of advice for every situation I am in. It is a book full of love letters from Christ and we should appreciate it.

Just as we should appreciate His sacrifice on the cross for us when we are no where near deserving it. I do not judge homosexuals. I love them- just as Jesus does. I accept them but want them to know that is is a false longing to want to be with someone of the same sex.

Jesus calls us to love the sinner but hate the sin and that is what I am doing. Morals can stay in their place. However, the world moves on. Your words were very well written and the point was very solid so yes, you definitely put your feelings into words.

I strongly agree with your statement that same sex marriage is nothing to worry about and its not a big deal. I am a christian and do believe in not only gay rights, but human rights for all. Morals can stay in their place, while the world moves on and evolves. Why do you get to decide how other people lead their lives? If they choose to marry or love a person of the same gender, how does that affect you in any way?

Is the world going to blow up if my best friend marries another girl? Keep in mind that not everybody shares your beliefs. I personally believe in the theory of evolution, and you telling me that my beliefs are wrong hurts. Would you like it if I told you that your creationist views were completely illogical and the mere idea of a God is stupid? Also, please work on your grammar. It is worth mentioning that the Bible has been translated and rewritten dozens, if not hundreds of times.

I've read "versions" of it that don't even include half of Leviticus. Human error as eroded and replaced the mission sections, so how could you really be sure that God instended for homosexuality is a sin? There are sixty six books in the Bible, written over a span of years. And at no point was any of this written in English.

It had to be translated. And the English language has changed a lot since the Bible was first translated. Anyone who is bilingual knows English is a very strange language that changes more than most. Also, while there are a lot of congantes and direct translations, there are still idiomatic expressions and words that we have no version of that don't translate.

In French, if I wanted to ask something, I'd use the verd demander. Je demande means I ask , not I demand. So then there are false cognates which I realize people have taken all this into account, but I still think it should be mentioned And that's between French and English. Greek and English are even less simalear. I believe over-arching themes in the Bible are intanct. Love your neighbor and Trinity and etc, but when I look at those small details I just think of someone trying to put their own opinions in.

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We understand students have plenty on their plates, which is why we love to help them out. Let us do the work for you, so you have time to do what you want to do! Homosexuality Essay Writing Help. Know How to Write Homosexuality Essay Papers Homosexuals then did not enjoy the liberty that many homosexuals enjoy today.

Countries who support homosexuality: Homosexuality became legal on year Chad: Homosexuality was legalized since Ghana: It is illegal for men to engage in homosexual activities, while it is legal for women. Homosexual men are illegal while women homosexuals remain legal. However, laws are currently being reviewed to outlaw lesbian practices. Homosexuality is well accepted here.

Homosexuality in the Bible

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This essay will discuss mainly liberal and conservative Christian interpretations of the Bible, including many verses that may support or condemn homosexuality. It will also discuss the political views and laws against same-sex marriage and the social activism in the homosexual community.

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Homosexuality has been a source of constant conflict among many organizations of today's society. Perhaps the most prominent disputes of this issue exist within the disagreement of same sex relationships from the views of society, homosexuals, the Christian church, and scientist's biological theories/5(9).

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Homosexuality is a widely discussed topic nowadays, which brings up an abundance of arguments and discussions in societies around the world. Free Essays from Bartleby | The way people ultimately view homosexuality, whether in religion, politics or modern popular culture, is all determined by.

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Essay on Homosexuality by D.J. Webb Published on the Libertarian Alliance Blog 7th May Homosexuality is in many ways an awkward subject to write about. In the old days, such things were not mentioned in polite conversation. The truth about the attitude towards homosexuality Million of people throughout the human history were homosexuals. And this is the truth, which does not .