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American Express Phone Number

American Express Customer Service Jobs: What to Expect

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American Express Customer Service Jobs: What it takes to be successful

If you do know someone who work for American Express, you can request that they personally refer you for the position. This means that on top of a competitive base salary, you could earn extra money cross-selling products. Plus, American Express offers performance incentives—so the better your customer service, the more money you make.

And as a full time employee, you can elect certain benefits like Day 1 health insurance. You'll get a confirmation email in just a second with a link to your free quick-start guide. Ashlee Anderson is a career blogger and freelance writer. She enjoys helping others 'think outside the cubicle' so they too can find happiness in working on their own terms. How may I be of service to you and assist you in my spare time?

My interest in your positions are 1, data entry, 2, typing, 3, or where applicable. And will u send ALL the equipment or do I have to buy my own?? Please help me out and send a link. I currently work from home for intelenetglobal and American Express is our client.

I want to get into American Express directly. Can someone please contact me in regards to the difference of working with the company directly? I would love the opportunity! I have been a Travel Care Professional now since I would like more information regarding your work from home jobs. I am very experienced. I would be perfect for your company. I am interested in a role with Amex. I worked for Amex for 22 years and understand how important customer service is in this amazing company.

Please send the link to pursue. When I type virtual customer service there are 0 results. Thanks for stopping by. This is where you can search for current job openings. I provide the general link to their career page because if I linked directly to an ad, chances are it would expire in just a week or two. I know American Express was recently hiring — probably gearing up for the holidays. It may be that they have already closed applications for their current training session.

I work with a High School in Texas and I am available in the evenings, Sundays and during the summer, I am interested in Data entry or Customer Service jobs, let me know if you have any positions available to work from home, 2nd income would help a lot with a kid in college. I would like to get more information on this. I have five years in call center experience from customer service to financial. I would like to know where I can apply for Customer Service position working from home.

Well you all better have a good work ethic and work hard. This is an 8 hour a day job, with a half hour lunch break. You think you can cook, clean, shop, while being an Amex Business Consultant, well youre dead wrong. I have stock in the company, so yes, I have a vested interest.

My stock needs to make money, so I am letting you all know the deal from the get go Jonathan Reynolds Jacksonville, Florida. I would love to be a part of your company. Thank you for your time. Please send me the information. My good friend is a Travel Agent at home with American Express. Amex paid for his whole set up at home. Contrary to what you said, he can do his job, and run all his errands, which includes taking his kid to school in the morning, and picking him up.

I would love to get my foot in the door to work at home for American Express. Please let me know how I can apply. If people are really interested in working and finding work from home positions then the professional thing to do would be to of course visit the websites mentioned in the job boards…..

But if you have done your due diligence and proper rearch you will find its not that hard, just requires some motivation and a reasonable amount of footwork.

Be prepared to work as you would in an office, no shortcuts. There is an ample amount of micromanagement done when you work from home, some companies make you work on webcam as well. Not AMEX but some other companies do. You can learn more about the Customer Care Representative position here. Like Amazon, American Express gears up for the holiday season by adding […].

These companies have been around a long time and are often hiring work from home Customer Service […]. I have found none. In fact I believe that the type of scam, I am the victim of could not exist without the intentional help of the credit card industry, in this case American Express.

The scam in brief: We do all the work. Company gains needed credibility by being an American Express merchant. Also, has fake BBB website. The package contains a contract. The contract states the company is only going to teach you how to build a website.

Not what you bought. Say good luck getting your money back. You never sign the contract. You call American Express inform them of the scam. Two days latter you log back into your American Express back office. American Express has just completed an unauthorized transaction. They now want you to take responsibility for. You then have to hear American Express representatives explain over and over to you that it is perfectly OK for dishonest merchants to lie to you over the phone.

To swindle you out of your credit card number. With whatever falsified information they have assembled. Or obtained through coercion. American Express never reads or understands how this information was obtained by fraudulent means. They simply blame you for trusting American Express enough to give your credit card number to one of their dishonest merchants. This is how American Express intentionally supports fraud. In the real World this is fraud. But according to American Express, dishonest merchants lying for financial gain is not fraud.

Three years latter American Express says the charge is to old to investigate. Even thought you warned them two days before the charge even posted to your account. The American Express representatives I have spoken with are for the most part very pleasant to speak with.

It is however very unpleasant to speak with the upper management of American Express. The higher you got the more unpleasant it gets. They are very rude irresponsible and condescending people. The last few letters I have received do not even contain the name or phone number of the person who sent it.

That is some of the problem No one at American Express has any responsibility. The people at American Express whom should take responsibility make sure they cannot be held responsible. Booked Trip with ax platinum card with travel insurance. Been dealing with Exceptional care unit been anything but. Still waiting for resolution.

I have booked Air ticket from your travailing express for training to Israel. I kindly request you to postponed to April 3 night or April 4 Because April 3 is clothing date for my training and that is way. I want urgent response if possible. I tried to use my American Express card today, but was rejected because they said I did not have enough numbers. I had just spoken with James per phone regarding an address verification and there was not problem with my card numbers.

I ended up using another card. This very pathetic service has been received from your end American Express Credit Card. Some moments I shared below. I have applied American express credit card. During the acquisition your sales team said card membership charges will be charge after one year. This card is not acceptable every where. So, I am not liable to use this because this card receive most expensive shop. So, my monthly transactions not done on that types of shop.

In card kit, there is no customer care email id is available nor your customer care pick call. Only your IVR system saying due to high call flow plz hold the line. Then call is automatically disconnected. Hence, requesting you to, close this card service immediately. Because, your salespeople provide fake information for adding new customer and this card not acceptable any where.

I find company policy is rigid and unable help a customer in a difficult financial situation. I have had my American Express card since We pay our bill on time, all the time.

We were at an investors club meeting and one member was touting all the perks she received with her Amex. She said she gets perks for buying fuel, food on most purchases. I called a nice young man at Amex wondering why all I get from Amex is a bill and no perks. He said he was going to switch me to a representative who would go over all Amex Products. He switched me to a non-English speaking person who I could barely understand.

I hung up and called back. I was then given the opportunity to apply for a new card. Who at Amex wrote the memo that things need to be hard? I opened a Blue Card account. I activated it and was set to go. When I tried to use it online I was told the 3 digit security code was incorrect. I do not want to call Amex but it appears they do not want email.

Not user friendly at all. I just returned from a ten-day trip to New Zealand. I soon found out that once transactions had been completed, American Express put a hold on each one for more than the amount of the original transaction…sometimes a few cents and more often a few dollars more, even though the original charges had already been deducted from my balance. I called in to Customer Service, obviously off-shore in guessing India, and spoke with, of course, representatives with American names.

By that time, I would have been home. After numerous threats to take this situation public which I still plan to do , and after accusing American Express of using my money for interest-accrual on their part which I still believe , miraculously, the supervisor put the funds back into my account within seconds. Now I am back home, and have checked my account balance. Another call to Customer Service—first a rep, then a supervisor—resulted in more assurance that this situation would be rectified by the end of the day.

As of the writing of these comments, they have not been. I seriously question the legality of this company practice, and will spread the word to whomever will listen about how much of a very bad deal this Serve Card is.

This whole experience truly did ruin a good part of my trip, as I had hoped to thank my hosts for their hospitality by taking them out to dinner, and purchasing several gifts, but my available balance would not allow me to do so.

Sadly, I learned the hard way about what NOT to do on my next trip. I was a customer of your for over 38 Years up to today. Was it worth it? If you are going to have a liberal whore like Tina fay do your commercials then you should have rush Limbaugh or Sean hannity advertise for you too. Half of the country is conservative. Why do you think all liberals are moderate and appeal to middle America?

I have had an American Express since I was 18 yrs old. I am going to visa tomorrow. Total incompetence all around for american express. They used to be a good card company. If only i could get someone on the phone who knew what they were doing.

When I call in all I get is adds for new products. I would like to comment the American Express company for its professionalism through my process of finding a credit card that is right for me. He was very welcoming and was being genuine through the entire process. He was able to help answer all my questions, give me detailed information of the promotions that are currently available by joining the American Express Delta Miles Gold Card.

He complimented me on my current credit score and finished the conversation by congratulating me on being accepted. Honestly, my day was going downhill and Gordan was able to put a smile on my face. I let him know how professional he was and how I would be honored to write a compliment on his generosity and convenience. Although I was not able to receive his last name, I was able to obtain his extension from him. I appreciate American Express for hiring genuine individuals like Gordan who takes their job seriously and truly cares about their customers.

Heck, we need more Gordans in this world. Thank you once again American Express and Gordan. I reported a stolen card. Customer service was awful. Charges continued to be made after I reported the theft and these show up on my account. The new website is very unhelpful and I no longer consider Amex a very secure card.

I am an extremely disappointed customer. American Express Company in the management and operation of a number of different things for a number of key questions to get the answers you are looking for an email address. American Express Company for practitioners and questions and answers that can communicate if you know the e-mail address, the e-mail address to its appreciated. I have had an Amex account for over 15 years — and the disrespect I was shown, and the errors are incomprehensible.

I told him to replay his recordings to verify — he ignored me and said he would not take the late fees off of my account. I am not paying due to his stupidity. I closed the account and would never recommend American Express to anyone. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I just spoke with an Esa from god knows what country and he gave me a phony to opt out of all your mailings and contacts. Pretty scary the woman befor him was from England or Australia and she was not helpful and forwarded me to an opt out rep that never answere. Good Day, this is a complain regarding the level of service provided by the American express office in jeddah KSA we are disappointed.

Your representative visited our offices, he has no idea about your product! We tried to contact your offices here; after few days someone answered negatively with an attitude that he has no idea about our request! The low level of service reflects the quality of your product , which make us drop the idea of subscribing with your company.

American Express is terrible. First I made my payment 1 day late I was charged 26 dollars. I made 3 payments in June. I spoke with Customer service who said June payment to apply for July has to be after statement period which was June 12 by 5 pm I made third payment June 12 but American Express conviently got June 12 at 4 pm. For a hearing impaired person to contact AMEX is well neigh impossible. Even their contact button takes you on a circular path back to the same screen. There appears to be no way to contact AMEX on the internet, except to pay your bill.

They are as bad as Comcast, the worst of the lot. I finally gave up and wrote to the CE, and quit using the card. I booked a trip with travel and called after booking my trip for I did not understand how the price of my trip did not show my points being used. She was very helpful and worked with travel and two different people to fix some mistakes she found, I was very pleased in the time she took and I just wanted you to know because it was a pleasure to work with her. I have no more time to try to navigate your ridiculous website trying to follow instructions from your fraud people to set up email contact, which is above and I have only at work, and I am on Alaska time, which is 4 hours earlier than EST.

The experience with your fraud people is every bit as bad as above. And I thought this company had good customer service — what a crock!!

I am in overseas USA and is not able to call back Singapore. I noted some discrepancies on my statement and trying to send an email to seek for assistance.

But surprisingly AMX does not have a customer service email. I reached this site through Google. Are you aware that Google has announced that they will not connect any business that involves firearms or any component of such, including parts, BB guns, related firearms information, or news releases related to firearms.

This should be a concern to you for several reasons. They still march to the drums of Berkley U. I do not believe that such an organization as American Express would support Google in this Anti-American, anti 2nd Amendment nonsense if they realized the impact it will have on many of their customers.

Thank you for your attention. But of course after it was canceled I am NOT able to redeem them afterall. I am VERY upset that I was told false info and because of that I lost money aka rewards from being a member and paying those ridiculous yearly fees! I will not every use an AMX card again, but will be sure to share the news.

Have been with them over two years never missed a payment nor have I been late with a payment. Called to see if they could remove the late fee. I will never do business with this company again. Not customer here to help there customers. I am an American! I do not need the aggravation. Representatives in USA for American card holders! I will not have an American Express credit card as long as American Express is promoting animal abuse by associating with Sea World.

So it looks like American Express is supporting the cruelty at Sea World. The third time again poor English at best. They hav easked me to send this email and hence sending the feedback. Amex card is accepted in very very limited places. Even in the Amex named establishments also, the card is not fully accepted; the details are as follows: Appollo Pharmacy chain b.

RxDx Hospital, Whitefield 5. IN transactions in comparison with Visa cards. I am wondering what is the use of your card, if it is not accepted by most of the establishments.

I have been on the phone with 4 representatives all based out of India. My call was to inform them of a lost card and I was requesting a replacement. I finally requested a supervisor, Her name was Epta based out of India she said. I requested for her to stay on the line so that I can finish the call, I am again on hold and waiting to see where I go next. I am currently at 48 minutes with absolutely no help.

They are really messed up at American express when it comes to customer service and they charge a lot for their membership fees. Not getting what is promised and I will share experience with others. Also, I shared my social security number 4 times with 4 representatives and they seem to be all based out of India.

Could this be how we are getting hacked more so in America now. At this point I will hang up and call again. Rating American express with customer service as 0.

Also felt like security was jeopardized. Epta located in India is so inconsiderate and has no knowledge of American express and its procedures. I have been using my Amex credit card for almost twenty years and have always been impressed by their professionalism and customer service.

Yesterday, however, my husband and I spent more than an hour on the phone trying to work out an issue and I have never felt more embarrassed, insulted nor upset by the way we were treated. We spoke to more than one rep Mark Tejero and Mars Riego from a call center based in the Philippines?

Something that would have normally taken us a few minutes over the phone with any other credit card company took well over an hour, the rep kept repeating the same responses over and over, refused to transfer us to a supervisor Earl Castro , and generally declined to help us. I was frustrated, angry and completely dissatisfied with the exchange. Not only was our issue not resolved, but the phone call left a sour taste in our mouths and makes us question wanting to continue dealing with American Express or using American Express products in the future.

We would appreciate it if someone in management would look into this concern and offer us an effective and speedy resolution. Like the person before I had been with American Express for over 20 years and was very happy until I disputed My Last statement. I had throat cancer so it is impossible for me to talk. The only way I could communicate is via E-Mail. I simply wanted them to review and change my balance correctly. I refused to pay it until I was certain that it was correct.

I wrote a letter of explaination to all three of the credit reporting agencies in advance to explain why I was not paying the bill.

There was numerous harassing phone calls to try to collect. I am still them. About 2 years later I was sent an offer to pay a reduced amount In instalments. I accepted the proposal and I made payments 4 of the 6 months. Then another offer came for me to pay more.

Your bait and switch is not going to work on me. I am still protesting the amount and will not pay anymore. There were times that I had monthly statements over 6, and were paid on time in full. I guess your company does not care to do things in a professional manner. You have issued replacement cards for one that was stolen, and non of them work. I went on vacation in December with a replacement card and it worked in the morning, then would not work to pay my hotel bill.

I have been embarrassed and humiliated all over the country by American express when going to pay my bills. I now have a new card with all new numbers, and the idiot that I spoke to said I have a credit line and he had exceeding his calls to new accounts. I have had a card for 20 years and you people suck at customer service. No they said, if it was one day late ok but two days could not help me.

So I politely canceled the card and my American Express business card too. Seems like they are penny wise and pound foolish. Who was the moron who came up with the idea of needing your card id numbers to verify your mailing address???

Because now that I cannot verify my mailing address I will be ordering a replacement card every three days until UPS can figure out where I live.

Why do we continually have to deal with rude customer service reps from another country…………. Reasoning why I hardly use the card. My question is to charge late payment for that peropd. October, to Janary, Until last September , I have recieved it. If I knew it before, I payed it correctly. But you stopped to deliver my charging report by October, And so, I couldn,t know that situation.

For last 30 years, I have paied to you charge without any claim. But on this time, I need your support. What is wrong with this company? Also your payment recording ask to state my account number or say I do not have it BUT yet when you say you do not have it it still wishes the last 5 numbers.

If you do not have it why would you know the last 5 numbers. Hi, I just like to let you know how much I value having my Amex credit card. I recently went on vacation with my family to New York and Turks and Caicos.

I feel safe and secure when I pay with my Amex and it is widely accepted. I have used my card all over the world and it always works!

I do have both Visa and MasterCard but my safest and best is my Amex. The app is also great and the invoices are easy to check and the exchange rate is ok. The few times I have been in touch with Amex in Stockholm, they have been very promt, helpful and professional. You are doing a great job!

Best regards, Jessica Hedlund. I need some one from north america american express to help me. I owned an american express card for over 14 years and i have faithfully paid my card in full. In august of before going overseas i called american express and paid my card and when i asked whether the card was pain in full they said it was a zero balance. Then a few months later i come back to the USA and i find an american express card with a balance and finance charges on it.

Come to find out with out my knowledge my old card was retired and new card with a different account number assigned to me and i only paid the new account and not the old account. Firstly no one ever told me i had a new account and a new card and secondly when i called american express in august and pain the balance on my card i asked the representative do i have a zero balance and she said yes i do.

Now i am asked to pay all the finance charges because this account was linked to my checking account and only the minimum balance was being taken. I have called and spoken to the phillipines call center so many times trying to explain this is an american express mistake because 1.

I am willing to pay what charges i made but not a single finance charge on it. I please need your help. Thank you yours golnaz sedaghat. To whom it may concern. Can you please send me the Statements from March Last year- thru December. My card was stolen when I was sick.

I do understand that the collection agency is on my tail. I want to see an itemized bill. I have trouble to reach you guys, either by phone and you do not have e-mail address where customers should reach you as quickly as possible. What shall i do to make payment of my charges?

Please, make things easy to customers. You should be accessible to all of your customers. The phone call is taking forever to the point of disappointment. Please review your marketing strategies. If you did this just to trap clients and make them pay extra money for delay, so you may make more interest money on top of principal amount; it is unfair business. I will argue you to review this as soon as possible because i know many other people are suffering silently.

Now you are sending me the letters addresed to Mr. I am confident American Express will manage this important issue in a profesional way. Maybe in the future we can have business together,but,right now I will like the letters to stop.

Hi, every month I receive a email from that emai addres: BUT, I dont have an american express card and never had one. So, is it possible for you to stop sending me such a message? Today I have lost my Amex card in Gurgaon. Thus request you to block my card with immediate effect, also stop all the services from the card.

I do not want to continue this card, so please no bill this time. Received a note from you saying your emails were returned as undeliverable. The email address listed above is our correct email. I called Customer Service concerning a minor problem with a card. Based on this experience, any further use of American Express is doubtful. I wrote 3 letters with evidences to support my claim and as of today I still have not received a response from American Express.

They have the worst customer services I have encountered, especially for a fortune company. Today, I am going to send an email and a letter to their CEO and all their managements to let them know of the poor services they provide. Still trying after 9 working days to resolve an issue for my Mother. Have spoken with Jack. My mother made an error and paid monies to an old account belonging to my father who died last year we informed AM on Thursday 2nd April of this error.

On Wednesday 8th April AM sent her a default notice!!!!!! Have spent at least 4 hours trying to resolve. I have given Stuart one hour to call me back. FSA may be interested!! I have been trying to set up an online account for my amexp card ,tried six tines.

I think your website stinks. I even went on Twitter and they addressed my problem. I tried the phone — was put on hold for twenty minutes and then cut off. Seriously consider their lack of customer service if you are considering a credit card for your business. I recently applied for an American express card unfortunately not enough room on the app for address for billing and mailing.

I am on campus here as a part of my assignment for the House of Commons. I thank you for your kindness in making this change for me. I have never had problems contacting American Express. I find them to be very responsive and they offer such amazing customer service.

I have been a very satisfied customer of American Express for more than 30 years. I appreciate the courteous service of the Representative whenever I need to call to resolve or dispute a charge to my account. Thank you for being so friendly and efficient. Bye, bye American Express. It has been a great relationship up until your mail department has recently failed you. I have been with you guys for over 20 years and have always mailed out my check the same amount of time before the due date and never had a problem.

Also, I am not having and have never had this problem with any of my many other credit card companies. I will stick with them and their loyalty to a long term customer who always pays on time, in full.

Ellen, I believe was the customer service rep. I spoke to today….. Been trying everything for an hour to tell them my card is missing… number said she could not hear me.. American Express — why to leave home without it. I just want you to know our company lives by the American way, greedy American Express — not so much. Good luck with your project.

Since this charge is a complete mystery to both the credit card company and to me the customer , disputing the charge and crediting my account was the right thing to do. Regret to inform you that,12 days back your representative came to me for the promotion of your card and presentation given to me. But still I am receiving mail from American Express Banking Corporation for uploading the same thing which I have submitted to your representative Mr Sanjeev.

Several times I called to Mr. Sanjeev but no positive feedback given to me. I am really disappointed with your service and requesting you to return back all of my submitted documents and the application form because I am no more interested for a association with you. Weather iI use the online site or the app, AE does not show due dates. This ticks me off! I know that, i pay on time, I just want to know when it is due next.

This is their way of charging interest. Also, no where on these sites is there a phone number, they just take you to a page with frequently asked questions and on option to live chat which of course, is currently unavailable. This is not the type of customer service one would expect from a card that has the highest vender rates in the nation.

I am denied on-line access to my American Express account because I am outside the US on business and after 50 minutes on calls at my expense! I recently discovered you support Planned Parenthood, which is terrible on so many levels, now with it exposed they sell murdered baby parts I am so much more disgusted. Count on my company and I never using your services again. After seeing that you contribute to an organization that deals in baby body parts Planned Parenthood I am happy that Costco is dropping your card.

I will be glad to shred mine. I put my hotel bill of Will be closing both of my American Express accounts when I return home. This is Horrible and some Bull—. I recently acquired a Gold Card for my business and after looking at the AMEX website and saw the pay over time option, I bought a camera.

When I tried to activate the pay over time option, I was told that was by invite only. I asked to transfer to my personal Gold card zero balance but allowed to pay over time , I was told not possible. This contradicts his earlier statement of invite only.

I am in Europe, and have been for almost three months. Is there no email address to lodge an immediate complaint about a serious matter? It appears that I must instead email my office and have it contact you by U. Z, which totally ignores the facts underlying my complaint. If you cannot answer the phone in the US, then I will take my business elsewhere.

Your Customer service is virtually nonexistent. I think you need to hire some school kids to run your website. So that kindly help me in this Regarding. Contact me in this regarding on my mobile num:. I am not a member and have never had an American Express credit card. However, in the last few days I have received repeated emails in reference to suspicious activity on my American Express card and asks that I validate that purchase by logging on to a web sight. However, because I suspect that this is a SCAM I have not opened any of the emails but I did thing you would appreciate knowing this fact, if you did not already.

I recently was contacted to get the SPG card after not having it for over 7 years. I was offered 25K bonus points to sign up for the card again.

I was hesitant as I have a couple of cards that I routinely used. I signed up and confirmed that I wold get the points and there were no strings attached. If that is not the type of activity they want on a go forward basis, I will take my business back to Citibank or someone else. Please see the correspondence below. I expected better customer service form Amex than what I have received both via phone and now chat.

Again, I ask is there anyone that can help me with this issue rather than dismiss my concern? Thank you for your interest in American Express. How may I assist you with your new card application today? I just applied for an AMEX on Friday and now have an offer today for 50, bonus miles instead of the 30, from Friday. Is there someone that can help me with this issue?

You can call Customer Service once you receive your card. The mailing you received was probably in the process of being mailed to you for several weeks. The timing was bad. I had a very positive interaction, when I called to dispute a charge on my bill. Then I received a letter from AmericanExpress, with a dispute. I attempted to follow the letter and email, however not able to complete. I sent an email to the hotel, and to expedia. We have also been informed that AMEX has assisted in this situation in removing funds from other businesses with contractual agreements with this company.

The minute they said dispute, AMEX ran and assisted him doing a possible crime. I would ask that you review your clients history, liens have been placed upon his property. We need an email to have our attorney contact AMEX. I was contacted about a week ago, in regards to my Amex gold business credit card, this was in regards to my x-business card partner. I was fist notified on September 0f ,I explained to the person that I had cancelled that card over a year ago, and I was not responsible for the amount charged, by my X partner had charged and the last payment was in made in the MAY 02 , and why did you wait until Septmber when I was notified by a collection agency.

And they canceled my three personal credit cards. What happen to all of my credits that I acquired over the years; some of those cards when back to If they checked they would have seen that I paid all my credit cards on time and never was late. American Express would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Our records indicate that you recently contacted American Express about your personal card on September 25, You will see these Reward Dollars reflected on your account. The person was able to verify no credits had been posted but was unable to explain why. That was a week ago. I need someone to help me understand what is going on, and will contemplate other measures to get your attention. I have many times calls from you.

So I want to know are there still T due you? Thankyou from kailok fung. I then believed that American expressed reduced it from 1 cent. Why was I deceived?

Do I do that with Costco or American Express? Would I need to open a new American Express Account? Two of your representatives told me by phone that I would not be able to retrieve information that far back. Fortunately, I tried one more time, and this time the rep told me she would mail out my statements from both years!

I am happy to say the payment I was looking for was there! I have always been pleased with the service from Amex, and wish I knew the name of the rep who helped me, so I could personally thank her! I have tried for the last month to speak with someone of authority at American Express unsuccessfully. I must say that American Express has the worst customer service of any credit card company that I have ever dealt with. Not only are the reps rude, they are downright disrespectful. If I am not important enough to receive a phone call from someone of authority or an Executive, then I will be closing all 3 of my accounts.

I am not going to continue to frustrate myself because nothing seems to change or get better. Call me crazy…I am not comfortable with speaking about my personal finances and needs with someone in India or Asia.

Your reps also do NOT give out any way to contact their Supervisors. Then I ask for an email address and all that I am offered is the main mailing address for American Express. This company used to be a class organization and be for the Elite. It is now just another credit card company. I have been a Member since I just got a letter from you with s PA street in stead of s pennsylvania does that make a difference? We try to keep bills paid but no place via the computer can we find total amounts paid currently, total bills owed, a running balance and current card benefit amount.

Hope you can help. Peace, Jack and Darlene Carpenter. Possibly the worst customer service ever. I have been hung up on when asked to talk to supervisors to handle my concerns. I have been trying to resolve late fees that were charged to my account when my payment occurred on the same day for months. Please contact me to resolve this issue. When I try to log one It says to call customer service. I have just spent 35 minutes with people in India. It ended when I was told I needed to provide a 3 digit code from the back of card after supplying the 4 digit on the front.

I was told I may need a magnifying glass. I just wasted 40 minutes waiting for help. Transferred three times, to be told I could not be helped because the area that needs to speak to me closed. Such poor service over the last few years.

Your representative Lisa helped me purchase a ticket to go visit my family for Christmas. She was courteous and patient and also persistent, following through for me on special needs I have for the flight.

I greatly appreciated her assistance. Thanks to your agent Lisa for extraordinary service when she helped me book a flight for Christmas this year. On November 5, , I checked my account balance and realized that there were 6 transactions made within a 24 hour period without my authorization or knowledge.

My card has never left my purse and I do not make purchases online at all. I am reaching out to you in order to help expedite the fraud report and to get an immediate resolution in this matter.

Even after I called to filed a complaint nothing was done. My card was not suspended, I was not offered a new card to be expedited and an official compliant to start the investigation was not started. As of today, there is still no Case Number for me to reference when I call for status on my account. American Express has been one of the most trusted Financial Institutions for years until now and I must say that I am absolutely horrified at the lack of security, urgency and fraud prevention of your customer service team.

I have contacted your counterparts at length to no avail. We purchased 50 business gift cards in October We asked for a refund of 23 gift cards in November Why i being a customer have to follow-up on one simple application multiple times. I recently phoned your number to request info on my new card. The one thing I used to like about American Express for the almost 40 years I have been with you is that one usually got a real person to talk with right off the bat. When and why did American Express go to this automated system?

Talking with a real person right away, always set American Express ahead of all the other credit cards. It gave your company some class.

Now you are just like all other credit card companies. First, let me say that your phone representatives are very considerate, helpful, and know their job very well. It is the process by which an American Express Card holder has to go thru to talk with such a person. Instead of asking for multiple responses, give the caller the option immediately of talking with a real, live representative. Hi i got a mail saying there is some mismatch in the name.

This is now the worst company ever. You closed our account the day before payment was due, you only have a 14 day window from closing to due date we paid over 11 thousand dollars to you this month and would like our reward points once we pay off the closed account in January. In fact, we want them now. Our account number main holder ends in —We are done—cyber fraud was all over this account and no one cared.

You paid an unauthorized charge even after you said we were not responsible for it and no one cared. Give is our rewards pints and we are gone—and we have an excellent credit record and FICO score, so all of the excuses for closing our account are simply not true. In the last 3 days you have managed to turn this 30 year old customer into an enraged driven consumer who fights against corruption for a living.

That came out of the mouth of one of your third world Indian reps I had to deal with the other day. Matter of fact, I had to deal with four of them and then 3 from the Phillipines. You do not value loyalty from your customers. You do NOT know how to treat your customers but to speak over them with rudeness and insensitivity. I have documented all my communications with your company reps and will use that documentation with all your veil threats of harassment and intimidation to suspend my accounts to all government entities that govern you.

I will also take these recordings and go viral on social media. I want to cancel my application for your Blue Credit Card but cannot contact anyone…. All I get is recordings. Please tear up my credit card application! I have been trying for 4 day to have this issue addressed, 1, Chat with Ross on line,he is not sure what day of the week it is 2. Another young lady,It will be taken care of by Friday,that was last Friday 3. Spoke to a supervisor, rude beyond words,We have 90 days to resolve this issue call by then.

As you can see from my account I did as instructed. However for some reason it still saying pending and not posted. My problem is not one person wants to address the issue ,just tell you something to get you off the line.. American Express Travel We booked flights in August including seat assignments.

Now we are seated in row 40 which is totally unacceptable. I called Air France and they claim you need to make a change.

We need to be near the front and not in middle seats. We have used AMEX travel before without this problem or direct airlines for that matter. Never in all our travels have the seats been reassigned without notification. I have lost trust in American Express Travel. Totally unacceptable service by American Express! They even lie to customers to get them off the phone!

Told this am they would be here before the end of business today. Called to ask where they are. Incredible that the man this am that the Corporate office put me in touch with out and out lied. Canceling my credit card after 14 years. Thanks for nothing American express. I called repeatedly but always got someone who insisted they will send out another card 10 days after my intended purpose of buying it for Christmas.

I can almost scream with disappointment. I thought American Express was very reliable. You need to get a tracking system in place or better packaging, incognito perhaps so no one can steal it.

I want results because I fear I may lose out twice. Thanks for being so helpful. Maybe that will be returned to me. I had called after having received a letter from AMEX stating that I was making late payments and my interest rate would now be the penalty rate of In my opinion, I feel American Express is one of the biggest losers.

I would not do business with them. I happen to give a courtesy call to them since I was handling transactions on behalf of a family member. Never in a million years would they get my money!!!! They were so uncooperative. I hope they will go out of business.

What has happened to your platinum customer service. I have been trying all day six times to talk to someone to help me with a trip to Europe and i have been cut off several time and also have spoken to an inept service staff.

Your service agents have been absolutely awful….. This is so sad since I have been a loyal member since Been a waste of time. Merchant number I called today to request information about a case I submitted on January 14th, unfortunately the lady with name Jennifer Tradup does not have any Customer service skills.

I called later, because the conversation with this Lady was not good and then without problem another Lady named Hope F provided me the information to easily and without any problem Hope you can get better personnel to solve customer inquires.

After experiencing some frustration with your travel system being down for several days, I had the extreme pleasure of working with Martha Terrell in your Platinum Travel Service group to make some travel arrangements. She is the epitome of outstanding customer service! Remarkable in being able to help us get difficult travel arrangements during a very busy time of the year spring break!

Thanks you for having such an amazing person in your travel group! I am contacting you in regards to my credit card ending When I enrolled in the program, I was advised that there wouldnt be an annual fee for the first year. I am asking you, as a courtesy to waive the fee, or I will cancel the card and cease doing business with American Express.

On Sunday, 31 January, I reported a lost credit card. The place that I last used the card reported that no credit card had been turned in. The following day I received a phone call from my waitress at that location who also processed my charge.

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American Express Customer Service jobs now hiring. Work from home opportunity providing world-class support to small business owners. The best American Express phone number with tools for skipping the wait on hold, the current wait time, tools for scheduling a time to talk with a American Express rep, reminders when the call center opens, tips and shortcuts from other American Express customers who called this number. Calling American Express customer service faster by.